August 30, 2007

First Day of School 2007

Here is the first day of school for Miss Thing and Lil Man.

Can you believe how big they are getting?

For the love of god - PLEASE let us NOT have the first day we had last year.....

I'll keep you posted. Right now, I'm off to make those homemade chocolate chip cookies I promised them.

August 29, 2007

I'm Off To Teach A New Crop Of Artists

Today is the first day of classes at the Art College and I get to see my latest group of aspiring artists. I love this time of year. I never know who is the diamond in the rough. There's always one. If I'm lucky - there are two. The second is usually a Dark Horse who emerges late in the semester and blows everyone away with an amazing project. It's all they need - One Project. After that - their drive, motivation, dedication and confidence is changed forever. It is so exciting. God, I love teaching these college kids.

Can you see the twinkle in my eye?

August 27, 2007

Alive, and....Well....

It has been really crazy at Chez Sharpie these past few days and I haven't had a moment to spend blogging. So, here I am to tell you I don't have time today either. Sorry. Lame, I know.

Work is crazy, ridiculous, off-the-track busy, which makes the kids crazy because instead of spending their last few days of freedom having much fun, they are left to peer in over the threshhold of my office door for fear of entering can be punishable by screaming that makes dog's ears bleed. I start teaching this week at the Art College again. Thankfully, they cancelled one of my classes for low enrollment and I could not be happier - I could really use the break. My Graduate Course is in the final stages. I have 4 weeks left in which to create the 4th piece in my series of posters and a final interactive presentation of the entire process of the four.

I believe that I secured all supplies my kids teachers had requested. Their backpacks are stuffed and ready to go. Thursday is their first day of school. They are ready. And so am I.

We ended up the summer nicely with a four day trip to Boston seeing all the sights. We only got on the wrong subway once. Thank God. I bought myself a beautiful little diddy from Tiffany's. It was a dream to do it. I can know cross off my List of Things To Do Before I Die. I loved it because it was a design by Paloma Picasso, daughter of Pablo Picasso. I just seemed perfect.

This past weekend we went to a Bull Riding Competition and a Antique Car Sock Hop all in one day. Crazy, no?, in a weird sorta way.

Well, look at that...I guess I posted after all. Hope you all are well. Be back to regular blogging soon.

August 17, 2007

Shit Week 2007....Continues

I came downstairs this morning at 6:00 am to find that HALF of the water in my 30 gallon fish tank had somehow escaped onto the kitchen floor pooling in the cat's nice comfy bed.

I have no idea how it happened as it does not seem to be leaking anywhere.

I am wondering if the cat has been watching Chriss Angel lately?

I mean honestly, can you blame him?

I can't say this enough....Thank God it's Friday. Now all this bad ju-ju - BE GONE!!!!

August 15, 2007

I Am Almost Afraid To Post

Or, even touch my computer for that matter. You see, everything I touch has gone to shit this week. Ever have one of those days?? Yep. I'm having a full week - and it is only Wednesday.

A short (and incomplete list) of what has gone wrong thus far:

1. Lil Man has an inexplicable and ridiculous rash covering his entire face since MOnday. I originally thought it was Fifth's Disease - but now I am not sure. Seeing doctor this morning.

2. Someone in my house broke my Jump Drive that was in my computer with all of my Master's Course work on it. It no longer works. I have no back up. No one is claiming responsibility.

3. I ordered my Mother flowers for my father for their anniversary - they never came. Yes.

4. My sprinkler system decided to go crazy and STAY ON even after I manually shut it off, pulled the plug and had to reach under every ceiling tile in the basement for the water shutoff so it would not burn out the pump or dry the well.

5. My cat ate my wires to my phone's headset.

6. I screamed at my husband because I was having a really shitty day and he was asking me to do something else on top of all the craziness and his co-worker was standing right next to him listening while I was "getting my crazy on".

That's all for now. Maybe if I lay low it will all go away. Or burn Sage? What do you suggest?

August 10, 2007

Officially NOT A Little Girl Anymore

Miss Thing is 9, turning 10 in February - which officially makes her 9 and a HALF. She's always sure to tell you that half mark when you inquire about her age.

This morning, I removed a framed poster from above her bed at her request. Begrudgingly, I removed the masking tape that had securely held the colorful Disney Princess Poster since 11/18/01 (yes, I dated it) and replaced it with a High School Musical 2 Poster.

She is officially no longer my little girl, content to play with Barbies or her dollhouse. I guess I should have seen this coming when earlier in the week she asked me to pick her up BLUE NAIL POLISH at the store while I was there - she wanted her nails painted that color for the First Day of School. Sure, no problem...anything, else??


August 08, 2007

Two Wheelin'

I have been bothered recently by the fact that my son, Lil Man, now 7-years old, does not know how to ride a two wheel bike without training wheels. I am more bothered by the fact that he has NO desire to learn how to ride. Period. None. I tried just taking off the training wheels and let's just say it ended in curse words and tears.

He is the type of kid who will only do something that interests him. Bike riding has never interested him. Ever. He learns at his own pace - when he wants to. And no amount of prodding/pushing/bribing will sway him either way. I should trust in this with him.

But, I can't. I want him to be like the other boys - riding around everywhere. I don't want him to be teased anymore than he already will be for being such a "different" boy. By different I mean, he is a product of DH and my genes and that makes him a SUPREME FREAK with a bad temper, a flare for the arts, an uncanny knack for organization and cleanliness and the ability to curse anyone else under the table. Strange indeed. But I love his ways. He is silly and smart and OUT THERE, people. The things he says KILL ME!!

And I did not learn to ride at an early age. I was about 9 or 10 and my father decided it was high time I learn to ride SANS training wheels. After a LOT of unsuccessful trips up and down the street with my father losing patience with the arch of his back hunkered over the back end of my bike, righting it every time I dumped it over - finally exploded and spewed something to the effect of I was hopeless and promptly took my bike by the handle bars and seat and THREW it into the side yard. Ouch. Devastating? Yep. But, the push I needed. I was gonna show him and learned how to ride on my own the next day. Yes, I ran full board into a pricker bush - but it was worth the look of shock on his face the next day he drove in from work.

I don't want to do this to Lil Man.

So, imagine my dilemma when I heard that there is a woman in the area (read psychologist) who ACTUALLY TEACHES KIDS TO RIDE A BIKE! One of Lil Man's friends Moms confessed she had done it last year fearing the ridicule her son would face being Lil Man's age then. She told me it took the woman 3 times coming out and now he is an excellent rider.

I have pondered it long and hard. I don't care how much it costs. There would be no screaming, no cussing, no tears. As a professional, she would know how best to help him. I thought it was a win-win. Until I brought it up to DH.

"I'm thinking of calling that Bike Riding Teacher for Lil Man."

"What? Why would you DO that?"

"Because I have tried unsuccessfully to teach him and I don't want to damage him anymore than we do on a daily basis - I think she can help."

DH is very quiet. Too quiet. "Uh huh. And what exactly do we TELL him when he gets older? That he was such a reject we HIRED a shrink to teach him to RIDE A BIKE?!?!?"

"oh. huh. I hadn't thought that far. Yes, that could be worse, huh?"

So, tell me internet - what do you think about this kooky idea?

August 07, 2007

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Crossing Stuff Off My To Do List

That's not entirely true - other things make me happier - but not many.

Here are the things I can successfully cross off my list:

1. Bought backpacks for both children, as well as pencil boxes, pencils, erasers, folders, expanding folder for Miss Thing, crayons, notebooks, glue sticks and post-it notes. We did NOT buy lunchboxes this year - I figure we can make due with what we have for their snacks, as neither of my kids ever take cold lunch other than for the occasional field trip. So to be clear - we have all school supplies secured. Check.

2. Bought Miss Thing a coveted pair of black and pink Heeley's. I know, I know - $60.00 for sneakers with wheels IS excessive - but I have a plan..... I intend to take last year's pair which are in next to new condition and clean them up and take them to the local Consignment Shop. I figure whatever I get from that will offset the amount I would have spent on Sketchers, had I not allowed her to buy the Coolest Sneakers On Earth (per her).

3. Bought Lil Man black sneakers that TIE. Yes, tie. Is this a big deal to other 7 year olds? No? Well, over here it IS - because he had never learned how to tie sneakers - we just always bought the velcro kind. Am I lazy? Maybe - but in the morning - I need them to be fully independent and not in a heap of tears because the bus is barreling down the street and he still hasn't gotten the rabbit throw the hole!

4. Because of my lack of patience - Miss Thing taught Lil man how to tie his new sneakers in 15 minutes. Apparently when you don't yell or cuss or ask if they are retarded - it goes much quicker.

5. I bought them each a few new outfits for school. I don't plan on buying much more considering that I had bought them tons of new summer stuff because nothing fit them. They can wear those until it gets a bit colder. I did however, buy new socks for both of them - though they tried to assure me they had plenty. Who doesn't like new socks? Seriously.

I still have to buy a few more things, get them haircuts and a few trinkets to hang on their backpacks - keychains and such - but other than that - we are DONE. WOO HOO!!

Have I started my teaching lesson plan? No.

But, I have bought us tickets for the Magic Tree House Musical, scheduled time to visit the Big E and made reservations for overnite stay in Hunter Mountain, NY for the Ocktoberfest. Not to mention our 4 day - 3 night stay in Boston next weekend.

Look out - the scheduling has begun!! I guess summer really is almost over.

August 06, 2007

Once Upon A Time, Long, Long Ago...I Was Cool

Or not. Maybe I was just kidding myself.

I had always thought that I was a cool Mom that allowed her kids to do cool things.


But, I found out on Friday that I am just NOT that cool and NOT that hip and dare I say it O.L.D.

Yes, Friday was the CONCERT TO SURPASS ALL OTHER CONCERTS in the eyes of Miss Thing and so we ventured an hour away to the half-open arena, along with thousands of other preteens sandwiched in to watch their idols. And I had brought with me Lil Man and DH - though by the end of the night, I'm really not sure why I thought either was a good choice. Lil Man was bored out of his skull and DH well, DH did not actually ENJOY himself. DH is a diehard KISS fan, a Van Halen fan, an Anything But The Bands We Saw Fan, but I digress. We were there for the kids. Right?

There is a certain excitement that rips through the air on the night of a concert, a sort of electricity. You are hoping they sing your favorite song. You are wondering WHAT the stage/lasers/lights will look like. You hope your seats are great. You hope the opening band is good. You hope they have great shirts. Dh and I have driven off to concerts COUNTLESS times with the band we were going to see blaring in the car. Not this night. The kids had no idea what to expect - so they were just QUIET in the back. Sigh. Can you imagine being that young again?

But with tickets in hand - we hoped for the best. Getting to the arena in time to spare, we secured our seats, bought water and new concert t-shirts for the kids. Miss Thing bought another Ali & AJ shirt for $35.00 (don't even get me started since she was wearing the new Ali & AJ shirt from Target that cost....ready???......$6.00!!) and Lil Man bought Drake Bell's.

They were REALLY excited. Though you really can't tell from that picture can you?

And so the concert started. Since the arena is open, it was in the upper 80's outside and about 100 between my legs. Why do you sweat there? What the hell?

Bianca Ryan, a 12 year old with a voice to die for started off the show and I was impressed. With HER. NOT with the sounds around me. Do you KNOW what thousands of screeching tweens sounds like? The screams were SO high-pitched and lasted so long - I thought my ears were bleeding.

Next up was Corbin Bleu, the 18 year old heart throb from High School Musical and Jump In. He could sing AND dance and was sweeter than Chocolate Mousse. I found myself thinking that he looked older than that. Maybe because I could not fathom that I paid $200 for my family to see him and I was double his age. DOUBLE. DH is more than double. But, we did have great seats, no? I took pictures - for the kids. I never took pictures at the concerts I went to. Cuz that would have been uncool. Or maybe its because I didn't have a digital camera back then....

By the time Corbin Bleu left the stage, the girls in the audience had been whipped into a frenzy and the screaming was unbearable. Or at least it would have been without one of these....

Nothing says I am enjoying my kids concert quite like a bong sized glass full of Southern Comfort frozen goodness. Don't judge - there were others who had them and beer - not many mind you - but we did make a point to raise our glasses and give the nod of "Oh yeah - I know we look like lushes - but I am OK with that!"

Next up was Drake Bell and I have to tell you, he rocked. Or maybe that was the brain freeze talking...or the fact that I had finished that whole thing between Corbin Bleu and Drake Bell? Whatever. He was really good - and the girls screamed even louder. You have never heard torture until you hear THOUSANDS of kids singing at the tops of their lungs the themesong to the Drake and Josh show. It wasn't FREEBIRD - but at least they were into it. Up until that point - there was a polite quiet over the crowd. These kids had never been to a concert before. Most were sitting in their seats - bopping their heads - singing along. There were not kids standing, no lighters lit, no smell of pot in the air - no stomping of feet to get your band to come back out for an encore. I hadn't sat in my seat at a concert since I went and saw Elton John years ago. Talk about a LAME concert.

God, I wish I had another drink.

Last up - these twits. Not only are they blonde and act stupid - they went and MADE UP A WORD for the name of the album. INSOMNIATIC. THAT'S the way to be a role model. As if the kids don't have ENOUGH trouble with the English language. See OLD showing through.....

Do you think I COULD get another drink? NO, I better not.

Halfway through their set, I look over and Lil Man has slumped in his seat and is snoring away. I reach over to shake him awake and DH stops me.

"What are you doing? Do you KNOW how much these tickets cost?"

"Yeah uh Sharpie? I'm glad that he's bored - cuz, honestly this is a total chick concert and quite frankly - if I were him - I would have gouged my own eyes out hours ago."

Ok then. Another drink it is.

Maybe this is why I used to get dropped off at my concerts. I guess it could have been could have been the Kidz Bop World Tour. Thank you tiny baby Jesus for not coming to our area. Amen.

August 03, 2007

I Am Officially Going Against Every Fiber In My Being

For the sake of my children's quest to see/be/live all that is Disney.

Tonight at precisely 7:00 sharp we will be at a large arena with Ali & AJ, Corbin Bleu, Drake Bell and Bianca Ryan for the Summer Spectacular Concert OF THE YEAR! Oh my god, how will I survive?

My kids are SO pumped to go. This is the first official concert that they are attending. And to be honest, who doesn't love Corbin Bleu, am I right? I understand their excitement. Their FIRST concert - they'll remember it forever.

I remember mine. Although - I was/have been/always will be - a full out rocker chick who LOVES Rock and Roll and would have rather stuck safety pins through my then small, pink nipples then go to the concert my kids are going to.

It was 1986, and David Lee Roth was coming to our area riding the success of Eat Em And Smile (and my parents let me go - go figure). I bought my ticket at the local Strawberry's Music Store - because in those days you COULD - you didn't have to go online and pay a million dollars. The ticket cost me $10.50. Yeah - that's all. That concert above.... $39.00 a ticket X 4 tickets PLUS shipping/handling and other fees = just under $200.00. For one night!

I will never forget the magic of that concert. I can remember it like it was yesterday and I was in 8th grade. I bought myself an Eat Em And Smile concert shirt for $10.00. Crazy I know - just over $20.00 for a concert and the t-shirt. The last concert I went to recently, the shirts were going for $30 - $40 a shirt. God, how things have changed.

After that David Lee Roth concert, I was hooked and attended every show that came remotely close to me. I loved every minute of it. I suppose this night will ignite the spark in them as well - let's just hope it is for something like the Ratt/Poison Concert of 1987, ok?

August 01, 2007

Did You Know....

1. That there are exactly 28 days until my kids go back to school?

2. I have only bought ONE kid ONE backpack - nothing else - not ONE sneaker, no clothing.

3. There are 26 days until I start back teaching.

4. I am teaching 2 classes and have NOT DONE ANYTHING to prepare.

Oh My God. That is all.