August 07, 2007

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Crossing Stuff Off My To Do List

That's not entirely true - other things make me happier - but not many.

Here are the things I can successfully cross off my list:

1. Bought backpacks for both children, as well as pencil boxes, pencils, erasers, folders, expanding folder for Miss Thing, crayons, notebooks, glue sticks and post-it notes. We did NOT buy lunchboxes this year - I figure we can make due with what we have for their snacks, as neither of my kids ever take cold lunch other than for the occasional field trip. So to be clear - we have all school supplies secured. Check.

2. Bought Miss Thing a coveted pair of black and pink Heeley's. I know, I know - $60.00 for sneakers with wheels IS excessive - but I have a plan..... I intend to take last year's pair which are in next to new condition and clean them up and take them to the local Consignment Shop. I figure whatever I get from that will offset the amount I would have spent on Sketchers, had I not allowed her to buy the Coolest Sneakers On Earth (per her).

3. Bought Lil Man black sneakers that TIE. Yes, tie. Is this a big deal to other 7 year olds? No? Well, over here it IS - because he had never learned how to tie sneakers - we just always bought the velcro kind. Am I lazy? Maybe - but in the morning - I need them to be fully independent and not in a heap of tears because the bus is barreling down the street and he still hasn't gotten the rabbit throw the hole!

4. Because of my lack of patience - Miss Thing taught Lil man how to tie his new sneakers in 15 minutes. Apparently when you don't yell or cuss or ask if they are retarded - it goes much quicker.

5. I bought them each a few new outfits for school. I don't plan on buying much more considering that I had bought them tons of new summer stuff because nothing fit them. They can wear those until it gets a bit colder. I did however, buy new socks for both of them - though they tried to assure me they had plenty. Who doesn't like new socks? Seriously.

I still have to buy a few more things, get them haircuts and a few trinkets to hang on their backpacks - keychains and such - but other than that - we are DONE. WOO HOO!!

Have I started my teaching lesson plan? No.

But, I have bought us tickets for the Magic Tree House Musical, scheduled time to visit the Big E and made reservations for overnite stay in Hunter Mountain, NY for the Ocktoberfest. Not to mention our 4 day - 3 night stay in Boston next weekend.

Look out - the scheduling has begun!! I guess summer really is almost over.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Wow! You got a ton of stuff done! Wanna come finish all my stuff? I don't even know what #1 needs for any of his classes yet.

You are a good mom to take your kids to that concert. I love the fact that you can imbibe while you are there! That alone might make me consider taking LLB to see that concert...

Have a good day!


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