September 02, 2008

Update (of Sorts)

Because I have so very little time, I will give you a quick set of highlights.

Here's the official weigh-in Weight Loss for Week 33....


Official weight loss Grand Total is 49 lbs in 33 weeks.

Now 11 more to go!

God, it is PAINFUl how long it is taking. I know I need to up my exercise, but I am not that motivated. I DID go on an 11 mile bike ride with Miss Thing on Labor Day and a 7 mile one the week before and didn't need oxygen. I need to get more in during the week and REALLY...notsomuch.

First Day of School for the kids went off fairly well. Miss Thing did come off the bus and tell me her day was "suckish" due to a large amount of yelling on her teacher's part. I tend to think she was feeling a little left out since all of her "A" List friends are in other classrooms.

I started teaching this past week and have a really interesting group, 9 in all. Enrollment is really down and I half-expected my class would be cancelled being the overflow night class. I look forward to their first assignment due tomorrow and the way they handle themselves during critiques. ESPECIALLY curious if their studious manner keeps up. I swear I almost laughed out LOUD during my last lecture when I saw them all feverishly taking notes. In the 5 years I have taught this class, THAT has NEVER happened! They usually act as if they know everything I am telling them and come off looking cool. Apparently, that does not matter to this bunch. AWESOME. Will await the dark horse with baited breath.

My graduate classes have been going along fairly well ever since I sent my formal complaint to the director for having a teacher teach an illustration class with ZERO credentials. I had to readjust my attitude and look at the class as another rung on the ladder to DONE, hardly worth losing sleep over, which I was. I have another month to go on these and then right back into THESIS HELL.

Work has picked up dramatically. I pray it stays that way.

Speaking of praying, we have been horrible parents all last year and rarely saw the inside of our church. With Lil Man's Communion coming this year, the policy of mandatory churching and signed slips to be handed to the priest at the END of Mass will change all of that. Nothing like the threat of NO Communion to get you to church, am I right?

Both kids start Soccer again this week. Let's see if Miss Thing as good a season as last season. Lil Man's coach is an ex-Marine. Poor Little guy came home from the first practice and crawled onto the couch and fell fast asleep. I really hope he has a great season as well!

Oh, and Miss Thing and I had a lengthy PERIOD TALK which included a very helpful and informative DVD from "My First Period Kit". My sister brought it over and I am so glad that she did. I loved the way it was explained by Dr. Chrystal de Freitas making it very relatable and not scary. There is a Birds and the Bees section, which we did not do yesterday, but we will in the future. The kit comes with a cute little zippered bag which she tells the girls to be prepared with some pads and a clean pair of panties, as the the first time may very well happen at school , or a sleepover, or a few other scenarios that she goes over with detail. She shows how to use the sanitary products from opening them to disposing of them. I think it really helps the girls feel prepared.

Well, off to go wake the monkeys!


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