August 13, 2008


While discussing the newly acquired quarterback for the New York Jets (crybaby Favre) at the dinner table, my kids were saddened by the fact that the old QB had been released and no longer on the team. After all, they had jerseys with his name. DH explained that it was part of the deal and now because they had a new Hall Of Fame player, he was released.

>Miss Thing - "What does released mean?"

Me - "Its a nice way to say fired."

DH - "NO! That's not right."

Me - "They told him to take his girlie Girl Scout arm and hit the road."

DH (deep sigh) - "NO! NO! That is not right. He had 6 other teams calling his agent."

Me - "Oh COME ON - Even I don't believe that. 6 teams?"

DH - "Yes, 6 teams - they all wanted him."

Me - "Why? Have they seen him play?"

DH (another deep sigh)

Miss Thing - "He has an AGENT???? I WANT AN AGENT!!"

Me - "An AGENT? I AM your AGENT."

Miss Thing - "You are?"

Me - "Yes. I do all the arrangements of your social appearances. I secure all of your favorite foods prepared just how you like them. I make sure you have all of the latest fashions and accessories. I get my bitch on when you need to be stuck up for. Matter of fact.... I AM ALL OF YOUR AGENTS!!!! (pointing to all three of them.)

DH - "Ya know, you aren't doing the best job as my agent. You're fired."

Regardless of his opinion, I am SO their AGENT. When is somebody gonna SHOW ME THE MONEY??


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Sherry said...

You're SO much cuter than Jerry McGuire.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger CrookedPigtails said...

I love this! I will no longer hesitate when asked what I "do" for a living. I am a mother and a wife and a homemaker and therefore I am an AGENT!

Also, the only way 6 teams are looking at the Jets pretty boy-whimp ass-throws like a girl ex quarterback is if they need a fourth to secure thier tee times.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Mrs. "Smith" said...

Lol! I've had that conversation with my kids, too.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous JayMonster said...

Being a Dolphins fan, I can not tell you how much the fact that the girlie girl armed quarterback will be wearing aqua and orange this year.

Fortunately, it will only be... what... maybe 4 games until he gets hurt and is out for the season?

You better get those agent contracts signed now... you know what happened to Jerry and his handshake deals.


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