August 14, 2008

My Best Preggo Assvice

As written to Miss Thing's Fourth Grade Teacher, (remember her?) in response to this email...

She is expecting her first child very soon.

"How was the trip? I spent the summer getting the house ready, taking a class and preparing for baby-- I think I am ready but then I talk to someone about it and then I second guess my self. Like you said it will all get done sooner or later."

There is no real way to prepare for a baby.

Don't listen to others - you'll find your way - we all do.

My best advice is this...

• When you feel you are doing everything wrong - you aren't - it is just our way of worrying over every little thing and having to care for and be in charge of a demanding little person. Do not be so hard on yourself.

• You WILL sleep again.

• You WILL have time for A) your husband, B) housework C) cooking etc - SOMEDAY - just not any day soon after the baby comes - AND IT IS OK.

• DO NOT BELIEVE all of the moms who tell you of their supermom abilities - they are full of crap. We all screw up, we all do dumb things and our kids will be fine. Mine may need extra therapy - but it is ok!

 •Have fun and enjoy each day. That beautiful baby head smell goes away and it replaced with eyeball rolling and Jonas Brothers posters on the walls.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous sherry said...

"You're never truly ready for a baby"

I have passed that fabulous tidbit of advice along to all of my soon-to-be-members-of-the-momma-club friends. I remember some wise woman giving me the same piece of wisdom when I was pregnant. What a shock that the advice came from you. :)

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Lala said...

my back is ready, my arms are ready. Piper, however, is not ready. Although she did tell me last night that my mom was hiding in "Ronan's room" as opposed to calling it Zachary's room, which I had been trying to make clear to her was no longer going to be the case.


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