November 01, 2006

Wow, I Super Suck

*Edited with pictures*

As opposed to just regular suck.
And not in a good way. Sherry I'm looking your way. (wink)

So, the last time I posted was on October 19th. It seems my daily posting has gone the way of my New Year's Resolution to work-out every day. I was a house of fire for a few months - now I can't even find my way to the basement to dust off the machines.

What's with that you ask???

I have no friggin idea. Other than this Grad School crap is sucking the life out of me and every available moment I am writing an essay. Which we ALL know is NOT my strong point. Though you will be happy to know I have brought up that slacking grade from a 94 to a cool 96.79 in Grad Seminar and have maintained the 100 in History of Graphic Design. I still can't wrap my head around that considering all of the assignments - and there have been no less than 15 per class - have been of the written variety.

So anywho. What were your kids for Halloween?
She asks to only her sister who is her last reader as all others have run screaming from the building because of the lame ass writings here. (Wave back bitch, I'm waving to you.......)

Here are mine.

I know, shocking they are Super Heroes right?

They have been Super Heroes for the last 4 years. Wonder Woman, Spider Girl, Teen Titans Raven and now Super Girl. Batman, Robin, Teen Titans Beast Boy and now Super Man.

If you do not live in a household run in the Super Hero realm - you have no idea what I am subjected to. You have no idea the facts I know.

For instance, the fact that Super Girl and Super Man are not from the same planet - that the blast of Krypton blew into her planet (who's name escapes me at the moment and is all very controversial - they have debates) and gave Super Girl her super power - WHICH are powered by the yellow sun?!? See????? How am I supposed to concentrate on the 1800s and their typography with THAT info swirling through my head?

And unlike the Horkin Momma, I did not make my kids' costumes this year. Usually Miss Thing begs for me to make something for her in the Female SuperHero category and being artsy I usually oblige with enthusiasm. But this year...ah no.

Do I feel bad? Yes. Guilty? Yes. What did I do about it? I made her American Girl a SuperGirl costume to match hers.

And painted a pumpkin for Lil Man, who had the brainstorm that he wanted our pumpkin to look like the rat from Fantasia.

In all my free time.

I wish I could re-do this blog, header and such. But, I don't have the energy to even think about it - let alone any ideas. My sister has a new Shabby Chic Header and its lurvly - and yes, I do think she changes her header more than Paris Hilton shows her cooch - but I say it simply cuz I'm jealous.

I am certainly going to make a conscience effort to post more. Perhaps saying it makes it so. Ya know, the whole Zen energy thing. Positive thoughts sucked in, Bullshit blown out. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

And then there are the holidays coming up. For anyone interested in knowing there are 53 days until Christmas. Fifty Fucking Three. And I have nothing done. No Christmas Card Pictures, no list, nothing, nada. Super Suck, indeed.


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I know that last statement is a complete and total lie. You DO have some Christmas shopping done, don't you???

If I knew anything about blogger, I could design you a swanky little ditty, but then again, aren't YOU the arteeeeest???

I'm certain your adoring public has somewhat forgiven you, seeing as your devoting your time to a great cause. Not sure I do, though, as I'm having SERIOUS withdrawls since we don't talk much in the morning anymore.

Need to pick up smoking in its place, or something.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously?? Fifty three days?? Holy shit, I have to go and check my calendar!

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I'm all excited about decorating for Christmas, but not the shopping. I'd rather lick the dog kennel than go shopping.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Sharpie said...

Sherry - I have a few things for DH that's ALL.

If you are going to pick up smoking - teach Max what the smokes are so he can run and fetch them for you when you need one.

Susan - check this out
it's a ticker down to the second... no stress or anything

Wendy - I threw up a bit in my mouth. Lick the kennel?? I guess it's better than lick the dog - but not much.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Penny Karma, aka the F-Bomb Mom said...

Your kids are gorgeous.

You make American Girl clothes???? I'm jealous.

Please, whatever you do, do not look at my son's homemade craptastic "my mom thinks she's crafty and she just isn't" sad, sorry-ass pathetic-lookin piece of shit Halloween Costume.

At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger JayMonster said...

Well, I am still here :: waving ::

My daughter broke out of her "Princess" mold for a change and went with "Vampiress" this year. I was totally shocked... and thrilled at the same time.

Just keep popping by to let us know your alive. Winter break will be here soon enough, and I am sure you will be back to your bloggin self.


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