October 18, 2006

Key The "Stayin Alive" Music......

Whether you're a brother or whether youre a mother,
Youre stayin alive, stayin alive.
Feel the city breakin and everybody shakin,
And were stayin alive, stayin alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive.

Yes, I am Stayin Alive. Just when I thought my big 'ole size 10/11 shoes had sunk me to the bottom of the ocean, I am paddling back, baby. AND I AM KICKIN GRAD SCHOOL'S ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Yes. I am.

I am currently carrying a 94.81 (they figure that out - not me - cuz we ALL know I suck at Math) and a 100 (What, you say? YA BITCH a 1 fucking Hundred) average in my other class. Not that I'm an overachiever (YES I AMMMMMMM) or anything. So, needless to say - I am feeling PRETTY good about myself these days.

In other news, I took my sister to the Clinique counter on Saturday and she got her make-up lesson from a funny, motor-mouth, sometimes snorting (she did and I almost peed my pants) awesome girl who hooked us up with 3 free gifts EACH!!! 3 bags and make-up inside and even key chains - what's better than that????? Maybe a 100 average - but THAT'S it...

Hot, no????

We did some shopping, had some dinner and overall spent some much needed quality time, just us two. I miss hanging with my sister. We used to do it a lot. But ever since I had kids, and then her - well, there's not much extra time. But we had fun. I am waiting for her to post about it (I HAVE PICS) and for her to tell you how I chased her in my car in a church parking lot honking my horn to get her attention (she had the music SO LOUD she couldn't hear.) Go bug her - I want it in her words.

In other news, my son has a girlfriend.

Yes. His first girlfriend.

Her name is Amber. And he has only told me about it - I am not allowed to tell anyone else. And look how good a secret I can keep telling the entire internet. Don't cha want to tell me YOUR secrets now??


Lil Man tells me about Amber.

"So, she's your girlfriend, huh?"

BIG sheepish grin. "Yes."

"So, what do you two do, hold hands or something?"

Horrified. "NOOOOOOOOOO. We sit next to each other a lot though."

Very much relieved. "Oh. Ok. Is she pretty?"

Sheepish grin again. "Yes. She has brown hair."

Shocked. "REALLY?? Cuz I thought FOR SURE she'd be a blonde."

"Yeah and ya know what else? She likes tuna fish, just like me."

Suppressing a chuckle - because he is DEAD serious. "Well THAT is a reason to like her, huh?"

"And she brought a book in to school. Guess what it was about? FARM ANIMALS!"

"She loves animals and tuna fish - she's a keeper."

Walking away, over his shoulder. "Yep."


For the record, I was clearly NOT this calm when Miss Thing came home telling me in first grade she was going to marry Michael. WTF is THAT????


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous sherry "stop moving your blog" P said...

First, my blog? Please publicize. I think everyone that used to read me thought I disappeared after the summer-time debacle. (A'la Arnold...It's nawt a seeeekret)

Second, Lil' Man has a GF??? HOLY SHIT!

Third, you rocked my world over the weekend. Loved it and we MUST schedule something like that again soon.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Michele said...

Sharpie 4.0

Go on wit your bad self!!!

I love the GF story. So cute - tuna and farm animals - ha!

When me nephew was 5 he had his first girlfriend. He told me she had "yellow hair" and she smiled "like she is on Sesame Street". It was love.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger JayMonster said...

Congrats on the awesome GPA.

My daughter, had her first, "I'm gonna marry him" man at... wait for it... 3 years old. She came home from Pre-K one day and informed us of who the lucky guy was.

When I told her she had some time before she made up her mind, she told me not to worry, because they were both going to "store their breakfast" before they got married.

Only later did a teacher at the school explain...

store = sew

breakfast = wild oats

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Carol said...

S - When I click on Sharpie's link, your page is cut in half by the side margin being too wide- ?

The Clinique counter sounded fun!


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