September 26, 2006

Cat's Eyes

Recently, we had a (formerly) favorite Aunt move away to the Mid-West from the North East. She is not formerly favorite BECAUSE of the move. I think she is two-faced and on more than one occasion have felt that she was talking behind my back. No proof - just a gut thing. I never confronted her about it. Just a hunch - a feeling. Something like the hairs on the back of your neck raising up when something is WRONG. Like THAT. Shifty eyes.

ANYWAY. She moved. Kit and caboodle - sold her shit and headed out West. Now, my kids LIKE said Aunt. A LOT. And I think she genuinely likes them. But, the problem is, she is not always true to her word with them. She makes a promise and doesn't keep it. AND doesn't feel bad for it. For instance, 2 Christmases ago, Miss Thing was 6, she promised to make her 2 dress up outfits for her gift. Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ and Jasmin the Princess. Christmas morning came and while Lil Man was ripping through HIS gifts, Miss Thing got a white smock (the under part to Dorothy's dress) and NOTHING ELSE but a PROMISE to get them to her asap. NO OTHER GIFT.

And guess what?

She NEVER GOT THEM. Talk about a sad kid.

So, I am a little bitter. I am more than a little skeptical about her word. I have told her MANY times to not promise ANYTHING - that way either the kids will be excited by the surprise or never know they were ripped off again. BECAUSE I HAVE TO PICK UP THE FUCKING PIECES. And make excuses for HER. Bullshit. I know tell my kids to not expect anything she says - and then they won't be disappointed.

So, she calls and promises gifts are on the way. Sigh.

Imagine my surprise when the mailman walks to the front door with a big ole box marked for Lil Man. (She had warned that they were coming separately and Miss Things would be later in the week.) So, Lil Man ripped it open and I never saw a bigger smile on a kids face.

Auntie had bought him "adoption" of a tiger from her local zoo. In the package was a stuffed tiger, a Adoption certificate, a sheet about the tiger's eating habits, facts and such, an invitation to Parent's weekend to meet with the keeper of your animal and YOUR animal, and a picture of your newly adopted "kid".

Lil Man wants to be a vet. He loves all things animals. He nearly broke his face with the size of that smile. He hugged the stuffed tiger and carried the picture of the real one around for hours.

He came back into the kitchen while I was making dinner and held the picture of the tiger up next to his head.



"Look - we have the same color eyes."

THANK GOD he turned and went back upstairs because I rolled around on the floor laughing about how he saw the similarities between himself and his "son".

God, I love that kid.

And Auntie - ya did good.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger JayMonster said...

We have several relatives with similar characteristics and "issues" with broken promises, and it drives me up the wall, to a point where I don't even let me daughter talk to them any longer because they will almost certainly make a promise they won't keep.

Glad to hear she seems to have done something right for a change.

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous sherry said...

Just for the record, it's not ME that's the flake Aunt.

I'm just sayin', internets.


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