June 09, 2008

Weigh In - Week 21 & 22

So. Freaking. Behind.

Here's the official weigh-in Weight Loss for Week 21....


Here's the official weigh-in Weight Loss for Week 22....

2 pounds

Official weight loss Grand Total is 42 lbs in 22 weeks.

Now 18 more to go.

I had hoped to be farther along my goal of 60 pounds by this point, but I am finding it harder to stay on the regime. I'm still losing - SLOWLY. I need to renew myself and get motivated again. It doesn't help that DH & I went to a big, swanky restaurant for our 12th Anniversary and ATE. Dessert was on the house - and HEY! How can you say no to FREE Dessert?!?!?!? I haven't had a dessert out in so long, I almost forgot how freaking good it could be. So, yeah, I splurged and it was worth the fact that I am going to have to work double this week!

Two weeks until we leave for Europe and I have SO. MUCH. TO. DO!!!!!

This week is my last week of school for almost a month. Thank you tiny, baby Jesus.

The kids have a week and a half left of school and then out for the summer. Hard to believe the year went by already. I will officially have a fifth grader and a third grader under my roof. Mind blowing, really.

Well, that's a quick catch up. Hope all of you are well!


At 7:32 AM, Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Keep up the good work, Sharpie! You are doing great! Happy anniversary.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Lana Mitzel said...

Can you PLEASE send some motivation my way, 'cause I am out!

What are you trying to do...lose the last 15ish pounds in the time before you go on vacay? I admire the success you've had, you are my idol!

*humbly lowers head and bows* :)


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