May 22, 2008

How The F*ck Is It Thursday Already??


Someone ripped me off a few days this week apparently, because I am SO far behind on my Grad School classes that even as I write that, my heart skipped a few beats. I guess it doesn't help that I barely am paying attention in these classes - because HELLO, I already run my own company, so having an entire class dedicated to it is like rewriting the history of the past 9 years. And the other class is about working with non-profits and I've done that a million times. So, I am disconnected and uninterested. Thankfully, I have a friend in that class who emailed me TWICE last week to ask if I was "OK" because I had neglected to post TWO assignments. Yep. I am really on the ball.

At least I handed in my grades for the Art College class I taught. Nothing spectacular this semester, which was really disappointing. No Shining Star. No Dark Horse. No Incredible Pain In The Ass.

I guess it also doesn't help that this time of year, I am torn in so many different directions with the kids and such. They are winding down and all of the Art Shows, Musical Choir Presentation, Field Day, Field Trip and all of that are peppering me daily. I can't wait for the snail pace of summer. Of course by then, I will want to drown myself in the pool because of the fighting, bickering, moaning and groaning.

I also am completely engrossed in the planning of our summer trip to Europe (30 days and counting) and have so very much to do. All of us need new summer clothes (some of us JUST bought new summer clothes LAST year and they are ALL WAY TOO BIG), but I am holding off and hoping to fit nicely in the next size down. The kids need everything from undies to PJs, so, I need to work a bunch of hours to cover all of that. We're only bringing enough clothes for a week and washing at my SIL's house, because HELLO it's HER HOUSE. I am SO looking forward to actual sleeping, walking around and sitting on a toilet while away on vacation - I have NEVER done that before. It's the little things, no?

I'm off to go finish that huge school project due on Friday. Then I have a deadline at work that requires about 35 hours of work done today, it ought to be interesting. Thank God for the long weekend. Have a great Memorial Day!


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous sherry said...

Hand over the credit card and I'll be happy to play personal shopper. I know what you like.

As for the other stuff, not sure how I can help but, if I can, let me know.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Lana said...

This post was so weird, I was JUST thinking about your post from the beginning of the semester where you were wondering who would be your shining star.

If I give you my CC will you go shop for me? I'd be easy, as I have no "Style" so what ever you bought and "told" me to wear, I totally would.

Hang in there and good luck getting everything done!

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous sherry said...

Lana, I can't shop for shit for myself, but it seems others seem to enjoy the things I purchase, especially Sharpie, who has been known to snatch the jacket from off my back she HAD TO HAVE IT RIGHT THEN. In her defense, she did always replace said garment, so it was all good.

Perhaps I should begin a service? Any takers?


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