January 02, 2008

Happy New Year and All That Happy Horse Shit

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We certainly did! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with both sides of the family, where much food and drink was had by me (and others), though I think I drank more than most on the Eve of Our Saviors Birth. This has become a bit of a tradition for my SIL and I. We start with my FIL's homemade wine and then she mixes up healthy doses of Grey Goose and cranberry and she and I drink the entire pitcher. Sometimes two. Most times two pitchers. I'm not really sure why we both seem to need it so much, but it really takes the edge off. The holidays can be SO stressful.

Christmas Day with my family brought more Grey Goose (is this a pattern?) and much fun times with my sister and her brood. Everyone ate and drank and happily opened some wonderful presents!

We made it through another year of Santa in our home. Yes, no one doubted for a minute. I LOVE that. I hope I can get another year, but alas, it probably will not be the case. Miss Thing will turn 10 in 5 weeks. 10. Double digits. I look at her and can't believe what a beautiful, articulate, lovely human being she has become. 10 doesn't make me feel old, it makes me anticipate the future - high school, college, etc.

Lil Man received a drum set from Santa and loves it more than his little heart can stand. He looks just like his daddy and when I see him look up at him with his big brown eyes so adoringly, I can't help but smile. DH is home today on his last day of vacation and Lil Man hugged him so hard before he ran off to catch the school bus. He loves his daddy so.

New Year's Eve was spent with a few local families and it was tame and quiet and nice. The kids all played together well and so did the adults. I did not drink myself, as I have battled a cold since right after Christmas and was just feeling better that day. It always feels a bit sad to see another year go by, doesn't it?

I resolved myself to better health this year. I start Nutri*System as soon as my food arrives. I ordered it before the holiday and am sure I was one order of MANY for the new year. I am tired of feeling bad about myself. I am tired of hiding from the mirror, my husband, the scale and myself. I need it to be different - at whatever cost. 2008 is bringing a skinnier me, damn it.

My goal is to lose 60 lbs. I resolve to be lighter, healthier and happier. So, there is my resolution. What's yours?


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Not a Granny said...

Mine is to finally quit smoking!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Mine is to work at assembling some sort of life.

Good luck on Nutrisystem... I am sure you will do great. Happy New year and thank you so much for your friendship these past months. It helps more than you know to know that there are people out there pulling for us.

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Sherry said...

You already know all of mine, but for the rest of your vast audience, here's my resolutions, in a nutshell:

1) Eat less/better

2) Exercise more

3) Bitch and stress less

4) Spend more time doing things I enjoy

Good luck on the Nutri*system front...can't wait to see your skinny ass even skinnier!!!

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Mine is a theme of Simplifying, which is vague but I mean it. Simplifying everything so I have more time for the importance stuff.

Good luck with NutriSystem. I am just hoping to not eat as much as last year.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger brenbrookesmom said...

Happy New Year and all that happy horse shit. Ha! Your posts make me laugh. Anyway,just wanted to say I linked to your blog from my new one. I hope that's okay. :-)


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