July 09, 2007

When Being Born In Another Country Is NOT Your Friend

My gorgeous husband of 11 years was not born in America. He was born in Italy and came over here to live at the age of 3. You would think that all this time in America would make him as American as you or I, no? No. Because growing up in an immigrant household helps to cement values, traditions and dare I say it, language and/or sayings from your country of origin.

This last point is never lost on me and proves to be a constant source of entertainment ...for me.

For example, when you put a spoon in a cup and twirl it around - what do you call that? Stirring, right? No. Turning. He is turning his coffee.

Another? Ok. When you are asked to bring a dish to someone's house - did they ASK you to bring it? No. They LET you or MADE you. Neither of these make any sense to me AT ALL - but his entire family says it - so I can only conclude that there is something in the translation of this that makes sense to only them.

NOT that my dearest sweetie-pie does not make sense. These little quirks are few and far between, but always send be rolling on the floor laughing. My husband is very quick-witted and has a dark sarcastic sense of humor that I adore. Though he does need to stick to what he is good at.

While showing hubby how the new fancy-schmancy digital washer and dryer work, he began taunting my laundry capabilities... (To be fair, DH does 99% of the laundry)

DH - "Oh my GOD - what are you doing? Do you EVEN KNOW how to do laundry?"

Me - "I am sorting, you pain-in-the-ass - something you don't do."

DH - "PLEASEEEEEEEEEE! I have been sorting since you were thigh-high to a...ummmm...what is the saying?"

I am already laughing at this point.

Me - "Piss ant?"

DH - "Oh yeah. yeah that's it. Since I was thigh-high to a piss-ant."

Me - "Babe?"

DH - "Yeah?"

Me - "It's knee-high. Knee-high to a piss ant. Not thigh-high."

DH - "It kinda loses something when you are correcting it, doesn't it?"

Me - "Yes, yes it does."

And then I laughed until I cried in the piles of laundry.


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At 11:52 AM, Anonymous sherry said...

First...Joshua...ummmm, what?

Secondly, you're correct, being married to a non-American is a constant form of entertainment. As you well know, I'm married to a Canadian.

He says Washroom instead of Bathroom. He closes lights rather than turns them off. And, the ever present Chesterfield as opposed to a sofa.

Ahhhh, our men. Gotta love 'em!

At 2:13 AM, Anonymous baseballmom said...

My MIL was French, and she used to always tell us to open the lights instead of asking us to turn them on. I loved her funny ways of saying things!

At 4:44 AM, Anonymous One of the 2 moms said...

It's always fun to learn how people from other countries express themselves. My dear friend married to a nice French man...and yes, it can be cute sometimes...


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