July 06, 2007


Well, at least Janeylynn think so! Thanks so much girl! If only I could convince my KIDS that this is true!

And now I must pass on the LOVE by giving the distinguished honor to 5 Awesome Rocking Blogger Chicks who haven't already felt the love. Here are my picks for the Rocking Blogger Chick Awards....

1. Sherry - My sister, my confidant, my total freak other half. She totally ROCKS at all times and always have. She is the one person who absolutely GETS me and knows me and likes me anyway. I have always admired her sassiness and awesome fashion sense (and may have even bought it right off her back a few times). She is the reason I even started this blog in the first place. Recently she pulled her blog off the net - she was feeling uninspired and unloved as there seemed to be a dip in readership and commenting (I SUCK at commenting). But, I want her to know that her writing is awe-inspiring and I really want her to come back soon. (Feel free to leave her some love here in my comments - perhaps we can convince her!)

2. Blue - She's a kick-ass Mom of FIVE that still finds time to post funny, thought-provoking stories, design tee shirts, keep her house in order AND run a farm. Plus she curses like trooper on her other site!

3. Tacky Princess and White Trash Mom - These women are hilarious, talented working Moms and I adore their candor in their quests to raise their families. They also bring many great topics to the table for discussion. And seriously, how can you NOT like two women who also write for Disney Family, right?

4. LaLa - And old friend that I have been following from the days long before this blog. I LOVE Lala and you will too. She's smart, funny and wonderful. She's had a bit of a rough patch lately and could really use a hug - go give her one! Tell her Sharpie sent you!

5. Penny Karma - No one makes me snort coffee out of my nose like Penny Karma. She's a hoot and a holler! This SAHM has more adventures with her Power Panties than I can count and she totally ROCKS at all of them!

Now go forth you five, and share the love with others! Pick 5 bloggers who have no already been bestowed with this award and show them the love!


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Sherry said...

Why, thank you. You're pretty rockin' yourself!!!

As you already know, I've returned from perhaps the shortest break in blogging history. Thanks for the kind words. It helped.

On a completely separate note, is it totally wrong to refer to your two-year-old as a little prick? Your father seemed to think so.

More on that later.

At 7:45 AM, Anonymous lala said...

awww, why thank you. And today is my BIRFDAY of all days!
Thank you Sharpie, you bring things to a fine point.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharpie, you not only still ROCK...you are freakin' ROCK STAR. Thank you for considering TP and I worthy! I did a post on this today, BTW. Rock on sister Sharpie. Love,'White trash mom

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Tacky Princess said...

Sharpie, you are an inspiration. Thanks for the positive words. We'll try to stay funny if you promise to keep doin' what you're doin'!

Tacky Princess


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