June 21, 2007

Sharpie, You Old Broad

And NOW a Meme....

When I am an Old Woman I Hope To:

• Be able to sit on my porch of my (summer home) villa in Tuscany, Italy with my gorgeous husband and watch the sunrise.

• Live without financial worries.

• Not be alone.

• Always have my kids, and their families near me and close to me.

• Be free of health issues and die in my sleep as a VERY OLD BROAD.

When I Am An Old Woman I Will Not:

• Wear old lady clothes, have an old lady hair-do and complain about my ailments.

• Be full of regrets.

• Forget what it was like to feel young, be young and live life.

• Forget to LEARN something new every day.

• Forget to love, be loved, and show love.

There ya have it. Now I'm tagging Sherry, Michele, Blue and Heather.


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