June 11, 2007

Last Week Of School (Or Reasons Why I Can Feel My Shoulders Lifting - Cuz I Have So Much Less Shit To Do)

Well - here we are - Monday morning - June 11th and all is starting to feel right with the world. Except that there is a bomb scare in neighboring towns and all the schools are in Defcon 4 - EXCEPT us - whatever - I am putting my faith in God that he will bring my babes back home with nary a hair missing from their heads or I WILL BURN THAT MOTHER DOWN!

Anyway - I digress.

I, my friends, am in great spirits - for I have hit THE WEEK THAT HAD ENDINGS. You know the week....the week when things you have dreaded ARE FINALLY FREAKING OVER....you do know what I mean, right? I am not THE ONLY one who looks forward to things that I dread doing to just BE OVER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Here's what I am happy for....

1. My master's class is officially over on Tuesday. HOWEVER, I finished my final paper THIS MORNING!! AND it totally kicks ass. Well, I mean considering the subject matter (David Hume and John Dewey and their contrasting views and critiques of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa as thought by me) Concept is to talk in depth about their philosophies and then come to a conclusion of what they might have said about the piece. And I TOTALLY rocked it - with visuals and everything. Of course I did. NOT TO MENTION (have I even mentioned??) that I have a 100 average in that class previous to the final paper??!!?? Did I mention a ONE FUCKING HUNDRED? No? Ok - now I did.

2. Miss Thing has a field trip today and I actually remembered to pack her a lunch with all of her favorite things (Is it totally fucked up that she brought a can of juice and I packed a plastic spoon to help open it so she doesn't hurt her fingers??) a Dunkin Donuts plain bagel - plain - nothing on it - no cream cheese - not even cut, Hostess Coffee Cake and a small bottle of water. AND I remembered the money for the gift shop AND the can good they were asking each kid to donate for the Zoo.

3. Karate grading is Wednesday and Thursday and then we are DONE FOR THE SUMMER. Thank God - there will NOT be driving to that smells-like-feet-all-the-fucking-time place 4 days a week for at least a month. If you take off more than that - they up your monthly bill $10 per kid. Can you believe THAT racket!

4. Kids are done with school on Friday. Which means - they are actually done NOW and will be doing next to nothing, followed by nothing for 5 straight days. Excuse me - 3 straight days and 2 half days.

5. I secured gifts for both teachers at the highly impressive - Yankee Candle Semi-Annual Sale - BOGO baby!

6. I bought the bus driver a very nice little flowering plant ($2 at Walmart) and transplanted into a beautiful clay pot ($5) and it is SO CUTE!! I think she'll love it.

7. Father's day gifts for my father, DH's father (his we already delivered yesterday as DH will be in Boston next weekend for work) and DH are all set and ready to go. I do need to wrap - but no big deal!

8. Our 11th Anniversary was last Friday and I stuck to our "no gifts, no cards 'cuz we just bought a treadmill and let's make that our gift to each other" deal. DH came home with a dozen red roses - cuz he was afraid I had bought a card. (I did but didn't give it to him - I wanted him to feel special about doing it ;-)

9. Vacation to Disney is a month away - my God that came quick! I can hardly wait! I think we will be making a quick stop in Orlando to see DH's family who's son just got drafted by the NFL!! How freaking cool is THAT?!

10. My website for work is complete and totally kick ass - thanks to my awesome sister and father. Now to do an email blast to announce it to my clients. Cross your fingers!

Are you all loving this week as much a I am?


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Chris said...

WOW! You have been/will be busy! I am sooo jealous that you're going to Florida!

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Wow - lots of stuff happening and ending! You are on the ball. Can you come organize my life?? Ugh.

And heh - you're going to be a hop, skip, and jump from me when you go to Disney...cool! Well, let me just tell you, it's fucking hot right now. 95 degrees. UGH. BUT - we have ALOT of pools down here.

And can I say that being the football dork that I am, its so cool that you know someone who was drafted. Sweet.


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