July 18, 2007

Answers and Updates

Did y'all see Sharpie's update in the comment section yesterday? Day 3 brought puking. Ughhhhhhh. Poor sweet things, having to deal with yak at didney.

Let's hope she's having a good time.

Onto the questions and corresponding answers!!!!

Melodyann asks three questions:

1. Were you ever arrested, and why?

I don't believe Sharpie was ever arrested for anything. Growing up, I'd definitely be the more likely one to get picked up for something. But Sharpie? Maybe, during her college days, she'd get tagged for drunk in public, or smoking the occasional dube, but not much else. Plus, she used to be a bartender at a joint in the same town where she went to college which happened to be frequented by most of the local law enforcement. She provided the good looks, sexy smile and the drinks, and they didn't mess with her.

2. Have you ever picked something out of the trash? And not YOUR trash...

Sharpie is NOT a trash picker. She's SOOOO not a trash picker, that she doesn't even lift her own trash can lid to throw something away. No no no, she's not a snoot, she just has one of these so she doesn't have to. Her house is aways clean, neat and full of the prettiest stuff around. With that said, she's about as likely to go dumpster diving as we're likely to see Bush's approval rating rocket in a positive direction before the end of his term. You get the picture.

3. Is there anything that your husband does in public that embarrasses the shit out of you, but you haven't told him about?

It's almost impossible for Sharpie to hold her tounge about anything. It's not that she's obnoxious, she just doesn't have the gene that most people do to lie. She CAN'T lie. At all. About anything. Ever. She's the person you want with you when you make a major clothing purchase (i.e., a wedding dress) because she'll tell you, with all honesty, what's going on. The same goes for her Hubby, which is how I think they've managed to keep such an incredible, high-octane relationship after so many years.

Thanks Melodyann! And, keep those questions coming!


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