January 05, 2007

All About MeMe

I AM: happy with my life and all the craziness that is it in.

I WANT: to grow old with my husband and see my kids grow into wonderful adults.

I WISH: I could see into the future.

I HATE: that I hate my body.

I MISS: being young and vibrant and never worrying.

I FEAR: being taken from my kids.

I HEAR: the music of my youth - it's calling and it wants its friendship bracelet back.

I WONDER: if I will ever be content JUST. BEING.

I REGRET: very little and what I do I threw away a long time ago.

I AM NOT: shy, timid or afraid of the truth. For this you may not want to ask me what I think of your new hot-pink shoes.

I DANCE: ONLY when no one is looking.

I SING: in the car and in my office to my new kick-ass speakers.

I CRY: at everything. I am a giant pussy.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice. Enough said.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: meals that my family will eat.

I WRITE: this blog (I use the term LOOSELY)

I CONFUSE: my want for my DH to know me and what I want with a crystal ball.

I NEED: to work. sigh.

I SHOULD: not eat all the crap I do - but GOD it's good.

I START: my new Master's course in less than week.

I FINISH: just about everything I start. Unless it's needlework then it sits in my closet for 10 years.

Consider yourselves tagged BEOTCHES. You're it.


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