January 04, 2007

Their Competitve Cup Runneth Over

My kids are extremely competitive with everything they do. This extends to being competitive with everyone they come into contact with. If Suzie can speedwalk to class in 10 Mississippi's, well then, Miss Thing can do it in 8.

I have always thought a bit of healthy competition is good for the soul. I enjoy their spirit - their want (ok maybe NEED) to win AT. ALL. TIMES. I can understand their drive. They are cut from my cloth after all.

But, lately their competitiveness has taken over our household in their constant one-uping of each other that takes place no less than 9,000 times a day. For instance - who can brush their teeth longer, better, how many strokes did it take, get dressed faster, run downstairs, to the remote, find the right channel (as IF there is a RIGHT channel right now). Because black is white and white is black. "Why is her juice purple and mine is red?" They are both red - hers is in a blue cup - blue + red equals the black eye I am going to give you if you keep it up.

It is EXHAUSTING. I am referee, coach, and line judge all day long.

So, why on earth did it shock the hell out of me when I told them to clean up all of the Little People Christmas sets, Nativity included and put them back in the bin safe and sound for next year and I actually heard the two of them take off as if I had shot the gun for the start of the race at the Olympics and heard Miss Thing yell, (I SWEAR TO GOD) I Call Jesus...................

Yeah. She called Jesus to put him in the bin like we used to call heads or tails.

It's not right. I know. I'm well aware.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

omg - "I call Jesus!" that is funny. The shit kids say cracks me up!

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Penny Karma said...

Aw hell, I call Jesus every day. Mostly in vain.


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