January 02, 2007

I Can't Believe It's 2007....

Hard to believe another year has come and gone already. Now, that sounds like something my parents would have said, and I find it being truer every year. The holidays are so anticipated and then POOF they're gone. The lights will be coming down and the tree packed away. We didn't even have any SNOW this year!! I live in Connecticut people - there is usually a LOT of snow - but nothing, nada, zilch - no snowman for you.

The kids loved everything Santa brought. Miss Thing believes that she heard a very distinct Ho-Ho-Ho and some jingling of bells on Christmas Eve - Thank You my soon-to-be-9-year-old. I love that you believe.

Santa brought many goodies for everyone, as a matter of fact. Something that really doesn't matter to me anymore. I love watching everyone else. It could be the new Laptop I bought myself before Christmas talking - but I want or need NOTHING - so anything I get is a bonus.

I am thankful we got through the holidays without sickness or incident. I seem to have successfully shaken off those people on my list that were weighing me down (read I deleted them from my computer Christmas card list) and feel a weight lifted. These family members and pseudo friends will not be missed. DELETE.

I took the entire week between Christmas and New Years off to hang with the kids - something I don't normally do. We ate entirely too much fast food - but damn, it was fun. I know the elliptical is taunting me........"Come here fat-ass - Hop on..."
Oh Shut Up - I will...maybe tonight. New Years Resolutions are too work out more....I plan to stick to that. And by more I mean, more than nothing, which is what I have been doing.

My Master's course starts next week - oh joy. And teaching in a few weeks out - thank god - I need the break. I will be teaching 2 classes for the first time (instead of my usual one) and also teaching during the daytime. That ought to be fun with work and all........I feel my chest tightening already. Look, it's not even the 3rd of January and I already complaining. Perhaps my resolution should be to quit that - but hey I AM GOOD AT IT!!

Hope all of your holidays were Great! Happy New Year To All!!


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