August 07, 2006

Holy Deodorant Batman

I know that to some of you (who are used to this kinda heat) I must sound like the biggest whiner on earth. Well, I am. But with reason. I am used to the Northeastern weather. COLD in the winter - LOTS of snow - Springtime buckets of Rain - Fall chills to make your bones creak at night - but the most perfect days EVA' - and Summer warm mixed in with some damn FINE days.

Not exactly my idea of a Damn Fine Day in good ole Connecticut.

This was taken in the Hell on Wheels Big Blue Minivan traveling from McDonalds to Walmart - talk about HELL, no?

Also, Lil Man went and decided to TEACH HIMSELF how to swim. How cool IS that, right? This has been a huge summer for him. Earlier in the summer, he taught himself how to in-line skate, as well. We are so proud of him because unlike Miss Thing who has never had a fear of trying to do anything (quite the opposite actually - you never met a more determined, competitive girl - except perhaps her mother - *cough*) he has always been very timid, cautious - a sidelines kid. VERY content to WATCH the world go by. If you all played a game and he lost - WELL GOOD FOR YOU you won - he was perfectly HAPPY with that. And truly, that made him about as sweet as a Easter Basket full o' PEEPS.

But, you wonder.

Wonder what this type of non-aggression, passive behavior will get him. No, I didn't think anything limp-wristed, I assure you. I worried more if he was gonna get the shit kicked out of him in school. Or get picked on. He's a sensitive kid. Quick to tears. And I have worried.

Until the other day. It was the last day of summer camp. The pizza party and ice cream day.

I walked in to the cafeteria to the usual pandemonium, ya know, the screaming, the yelling, the running around. NEVER did I expect to see the following.

My son in the ice cream line. Turned around. IN THE FACE OF THE BOY BEHIND HIM. Screaming, pushing and then........he kicked him. Two or three times. And yelled some more. AND THERE WERE NO TEARS. He was PISSED. I have never seen my passive little boy pissed off before. I didn't know whether to break it up or start a chant like in the RUDY movie. I nearly stood on a table and clapped. But I didn't.

I walked over and trying SO hard not to smile I asked what was going on, since clearly they were going to continue going at it and no teacher was stepping in. They both started telling me the other one had started it. I told them both to knock it off. Sternly I said this and looked at my son in the eyes. Ya know what he did?????? He EYEBALLED ME!! With squinted eyes. HE WAS PISSED. I almost laughed out loud, so I walked away and waited for him back at the table. When he returned, I asked him what had happened. He told me the boy had hit him in the back a few times and had hit him earlier in the week and he was a LIAR when he said he didn't do it. I almost chuckled. He had DEFENDED himself. Awesome. I high-fived him. And then whispered in his ear to watch himself next time as he could get in trouble for fighting even if he didn't start it.

OK - NOW they can start the school year.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

heehee - love your little boy standing up for himself! High fives to him.

I'm always taking pictures of my Jeep's thermometer in case no one believes me when I say it was hot (or cold) out.

106?!?!?!?! that sucks ass royally.

At 2:07 PM, Blogger JayMonster said...

Walking along the streets of Manhattan last week, at one point, I was actually STICKING TO THE ASPHALT!

Sounds like Lil Man will do just fine finding his own way. Good for him.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Ohhh, I'm so happy to hear Lil Man found some gumption. I'm terrified for my Boy to go to school. He is also a sweetie-pie, v. laid back, v. cooperative and forgiving. He helps his little sisters get their sandles on, for chrissake! UNASKED!

His dad is also sweet and non confrontational (erm ... he has to be. He's married to me.) but he had two arse-kicking older sisters to beat people up for him.


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