July 19, 2006

Random Spurtings

Things I may or may not have done in the past 5 days....

1. Been in the pool every day at least long enough to have to get out no fewer than 3 times to pee.

2. Saw my cutie-patootie Niece and Nephew devour cupcakes on their 1st birthday.

3. Cross myself a few times and thank Jesus I didn't have as many kids as there was running amok in my sister's house.

4. Wish the kiddie pool, at the twins party, was big enough to hold my fat ass and all 28 children....

5. Had over the couple from hell, who were on best behavior on Sunday, but stayed for not only lunch (which they were invited to) but also for dinner (not invited) with their 2 kids.

6. Caught Org for my kids entertainment. He may or may not have had his own house.

Isn't he lovely?

7. Cleaned out (THREW out mostly) both of my kid's bedroom closets, as well as bought organizers as Target.

8. Found out what a LOSER mother I am, since their School Days Book are 3 YEARS BEHIND..... YESSSSSS!!!!!

9. After sifting through 500 pieces of paper which included all artwork saved, school report cards, school pictures, newspaper clippings and awards, I realized I was never going to be done with this.

10. Then I started sweating thinking about the 100 - 120 envelopes of developed pictures taunting me from downstairs that are still not in albums - or scrap booked - or anything. I think the last time I put away pictures was 2001.

11. I thanked God I got a digital camera and just don't bother to print them out at all anymore.

12. I drank.

13. First day of Summer Camp - both my kids were crying over nothing, obviously they were nervous. Of all the fucking things to be scared over - I'll give ya something to be scared about. Oh crap, THAT was my father right there.....

14. I went to my Gyno appointment on the wrong day. It's tomorrow.

15. I sent my kids to Summer Camp today with no sun-block on in 100 degree weather. I am SO winning mother of the year. Fuck You, I am.

I am not actually admitting to any one of these - I MAY or MAY NOT have done them - just so we're clear.


At 2:12 PM, Blogger Michele said...

You are so freakin' productive - SHUT UP!

I am just glad I can find my sandals every morning.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Pretty pool. We've been in our neighborhood pool quite a bit ourselves - my daughter's hair has turned a bit green...

Again with the organizing. Enough already! Unless you plan to come to my house next.

And I love Org. So would my son. He is the official frog 'releaser' at school. (They have tadpoles at school and they watch them grow into into frogs - he gets to let them go out in the back play yard.)


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