April 28, 2006

My Mother Of The Year Award Will Be A Large "L" On A Forehead Cast In Bronze

So today is officially Lil Man's Birthday. And in celebrating said birthday in school - there is to be a "special" snack of the baked variety. Either cupcakes or cookies or brownies. Lil Man decides brownies were the chosen baked item as I make the best brownies EVA'. Technically Betty Crocker does - but well, I take all compliments when doled out.

*Here's the secret Bad Mother Confession...
When it was my daughter's birthday in February - I made brownies as well. I cut and packed them in tupperware and even drew a cute little note about it being Miss Thing's 8th Birthday....BUT....I didn't want to go in to the school. To pass them out. Didn't WANT to. Not that I couldn't...didn't WANT to. SO. So I packed them up, put them in a plastic store bag and gave them to her to take on the bus.
"Mom, I don't think I CAN."
Whining....translated means I want YOU to do IT!!!
My answer? Are you ready?
"Well, if you don't, I guess you get no birthday snack. Won't that be a shame?"
Fucked up? Maybe. But this school has an event a week - and I was DONE.
Long and short, she took them on the bus. All was good.

Fast forward a few months to last night while perusing the aisles at BJS with Lil Man. Brownies were baked. And packed.

Lil Man "Are you coming into school tomorrow?"

Me - "Do I HAVE too?"

Lil Man - Looking at me like I had sprouted another head. "They don't even know what you LOOK like there."

OUCH. OK - maybe I did skip the Spring party and possibly the Valentine's one too...but not even know me?!

It's not like I had a lot of work to do. And it would MAKE his freakin day.

So off I went this morning, where I spent a few hours with a bunch of kids who together sounded like a Motley Crue concert. I went to the library with them and even watched the Kindergarten Celebration practice. (They USED to call it Graduation - but for the kids who stay in Kindergarten another year - they thought it was mean...whatever). They sing songs like, Proud to be an American with these hand gestures - its SO cute and I SWEAR I get SO choked up (shut up) whenever I see it (same show that was for Miss Thing). They do When I'm 64 and The 3 Little Pigs - which for now the grown-ups get to SHOW them...
GUESS who got to be the 3rd Little Pig with the House of Bricks????? YEP! Yours truly. Best Part? My son yelling out - "Mom - you're the SMART pig!" Well, Hell Yes I AM!!!

I'll leave you with the visual of me parading in front of 90 5-6 year olds with a pig hat on my head and a brick in my hand and this little tid-bit from my son....
Last night - he turns to me very solemnly and says, "You know...today is the last day of my life as 5." My answer? Live it UP Pal, you're only 5 once!!


At 3:49 PM, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Oh. i would SO call myself that forever. It'd be my permanent title. I'd use it all the time!

"Yeah, well, I'm the smartest pig!"

"That's 'cause I'm the smartest pig."

and, of course:

"Because I'm the smartest pig, that's why!"


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Good advice to Lil man! Your sis was thinking about writing a book and I think you should too -- Hopefully no one has your title - lol

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Island Girl said...

Here is my nasty little secret.
All-stars birthday was April 24th and he STILL has not taken treats in for school. He has asked. I just haven't gotten my act together to make the cookies. :(

Okay-- so go ahead now-- ripe into me about what bad bad mommy I am.

I promise to get to it this week.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

omg - that was the cutest! You're the smart pig!



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