March 04, 2006

Kid Rock & Scott Stapp Sex Tape

Let me start this off by saying I am a HUGE fan of Kid Rock. HUGE!

And not just of his music.

I like him in that he's so dirty, bad boy who's gonna pull my hair .... if you know what I mean.

Ok. I'm sure you don't. But, whatever.

And I have stood by the fact that if Pam Anderson (who is HOT let's face facts) hopped on board (no pun intended) AFTER being with Tommy "Rows The Boat Ashore with his Dick" Lee - he had to have SOMETHING to show.

I receive my daily NBC news email. Far down reads "Kid Rock Sex Tape to be Released."


I have seen the preview and from that I can tell you I WILL watch out of morbid curiosity ...but I am Scared!!!! SCARED!!
It takes place in a TRAILER...and the snippet they show is of a girl asking Stapp for a clean TOWEL. ewwwwwwwwwwww. ew.

But what made me laugh OUT LOUD where the following comments made by other viewers....

1. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. throw up a little in mouth. ew.

2. does anyone else detect the scent of drakkar and ass?

DRAKKAR AND ASS!!!!!!!! My God, my stomach still hurts.

(Seriously, if you have it - pass it along....Shhh, and don't tell my sister....)


At 9:09 PM, Blogger sherry said...

Don't go bogarting the porn, man!

You crazy kids and your sex tapes.

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to mention a while ago that you rock my world! Just thought i should let you know I added you to the blogroll, keep it coming......hope sis doesn't get jealous.


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