May 26, 2006

Because He FINALLY Gave Me An Idea

He casually mentioned he has always wanted a foosball table.

Eureka - we have a GREAT gift idea.
Here's what I got him.

And because I KNOW now that he bought me something big and shiny - I bought him this watch to wear on SPECIAL occasions.

How'd I do??


At 9:14 AM, Anonymous sherry said...

Ummm, yeah.

A foosball table AND Movado watch?

I'd say you did some serious damage there, my friend. Both EXCELLENT choices.

Yeah. Not too shabby.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Way to go! Also, I can picture that foosball table in Joey & Chandler's apartment -lol.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Michele said...

You are so getting the multiple chills and thrills with those two fab gifts.

"Mom, why are you walking so funny?"

"Uh, Dad and I went horse back riding. Yeah, horses...."

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Island Girl said...

I think you will be getting whatever you want this weekend. *wink*

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Island Girl said...

How does that song go Michele...
"Save a horse-- ride a cowboy? "

Sharpie-- tell the kids you were out saving horses over the weekend. ;)

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

I am so not telling my husband about that. He's already trying to figure out how to fit a foosball table, pool table, and air hockey table in the MAN GARAGE (and yes, he shouts that phrase in ecstasy). I think a boat would be a way better space taker.

At 1:59 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Christ! You are like the urban myth wife that all the guys down at the bar talk about in hushed voices, fantasising that a woman exists who would give such a gift, but mostly believing that it's all just a dream.

Way to go girl.

Now I must hide your blog from my guy before he finds it and leaves me for you.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Wayfarer said...

I had every intention of sending the first reply I wrote to you about this post. I must have deleted it before I found the enter key.

Anyway, kudos to you for such great gifts! I'm sure he'll enjoy them. Does he know he's getting them? They'll be a fantastic surprise!

At 2:25 PM, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

I'm with Louise ...

*deleting Sharpie's blog link from Evil Genius Husband's computer*

You did better than great!


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

Sa-weeeeet gifts!! If Sharpie's house is a rockin'....don't come knockin'!

My hubby would love a foosball table

At 2:24 AM, Blogger Comic Mummy said...

Wow, that's AWESOME.

I've wanted to get my hubby a foosball table for ages too but sadly, til he's graduated university it's a little out of our budget. But it will make a KILLER belated graduation present! ;-)


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