March 13, 2006

Want Ad Reads "Raging Headache Seeks Bullet To Put An End To Misery"

O.M.G. The headache that I have is like a dejavu moment from college days. Its reminiscent of one you I had after WAAAAAYYY to many Kamikazee shots. Made with cheap vodka. And fake lime juice and stirred with a dirty finger.

It started last night and has managed implant itself into my brain (its not a tumor) all night long. And then - lucky me - I woke up with it.

So, while I contemplate how hard I would have to smash my head against my desk to relieve the pressure that is sure to explode my head right off my body...I have a question for you lurvly ladies of Blogdom...

What helpful advice can ya give a girl, going on vacation for the first time in 9 years, that is going to Disney and requiring a flight?

Because I obviously KNOW NOTHING!! My sister called this morning and while I was whining about said headache, she innocently asks - "So, what I.D. are you bringing for the kids?" WHAT?! "I.D. ya know - cuz everyone needs I.D.?" WHAT?! Either it IS a tumor or I am a complete stunod because this had not ever occurred to me.

Wait, wait, she is mad-tapping on her computer as she senses just how close to edge I am today, ok Delta you don't need I.D. for kids under 18. Ok.

Oh, did you know they don't give you your airplane tickets in advance anymore???? NO I didn't know that!!!!!!!

OK - so like I said - leave me some good advice that I will read between my head slamming. Thank you. That is all.


At 2:40 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Ok, I am not a Disney geek but I did do some good research before we made a major family trip there a few years ago. From a website called "All Ears' which had lots of great suggestions and even menus for all of the restaurants.
One big one we loved was to get there and immediately rent a locker - ask someone who works there where they are. They go fast, but you can rent for the whole day and go back and forth all day to it. The locekrs arent rvery big, but we loaded it up with water bottles, snacks, sweatshirts, dry clothes (for the wet rides), etc and didnt have to CARRY ANYTHING, which I hate.

I dont know how much lead time you have before you go, but a very organized friend of mine found cool Disney crap on sale ahead of time and packed it. Then when her kids wanted to buy something in the souvenier stores, she would tell them she thought a surprise was waiting for them in the room. then she would just pull out one of her pre-purchased things.


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