March 06, 2006

Tag I'm It....

Things I've Done for Money:

• Sold old crap at an Antiques Shop

• Waitress at too many restaurants

• Bartender who would shut you off in a NY minute

• Art Director

• Creative Director

• Faculty at Art College

Flicks I Dig:

• Something About Mary

• Without A Paddle

• Its A Wonderful Life

• Pet Detective

Places I've Called Home:

• Naugatuck, CT

• Hamden, CT

• Prospect, CT

Boob Tube Fixes:

• Survivor

• House

• ALL REALITY SHOWS (I am a junkie)

• Grey's Anatomy

I Read:

• anything Stephen King

• anything James Patterson

• The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I Like Me Some Hair Band Tunes:

• Ozzy

• Tesla

• Motley Crue

• ZZ Top

• Kid Rock

• Queensryche

Places I've Been a Tourist:

• New York

• Jamaica

• Florida

• St. Lucia

I Surf:

• Ebay



• My PTO List

I LOVE to eat (and it shows):

• Sushi

• Italian anything

• Chips and Dip

• Any Appetizers

Now that I'm done with telling you about me - surf on over to my sister and tell her how wonderful she is.... She seems to have forgotten.


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