March 16, 2006

Need A Good Lie...

Seriously. I need some help.

I am obligated to a client dinner with some associates this evening.
It is a standing once a month thing - that I have blown off for
various benign reasons for the last few months.
The event is not teeth-pulling agonizing - but not exactly FUN.
If not for the one girl I work with who makes me laugh hard
enough to send Shiraz out my nose, I would not even bother to go.

They are expecting...perhaps even demanding that I show.

They have even gone so far as to MOVE the date from a previously
chosen date because I could not (would not, should not with a fox...)
attend. I have REASONS. I teach that night - sorry.
Miss Thing has her Karate Belt Test that night - sorry.
You get the picture.

I can't do it tonight.

I have a list of things to do a mile long before we leave for
vacation on Saturday. I have to sew shorts (4) so Miss thing
can wear the ones I bought (she is ALWAYS to thin to wear
her real size - and well - I didn't buy slims - nor do I have
TIME to go buy slims). I have laundry. I have yet to even pull
out clothes to bring, LET ALONE pack for FOUR people.

And I have WORK.

I was up working until 1:30 am last night and nearly
made a dent.

Remember when I volunteered for the friend's invites?
Yes, her sister needs them TOMORROW. So, first thing
this morning after a cup of coffee and the fog lifted -
there I sat with Xacto in hand cutting invitations out
of the printouts I had made.

The list goes on and on and on...
I need a good excuse not to go to dinner.

Help a sister out....


At 10:24 AM, Blogger sherry said...

You can always use me as an excuse. Especially now that I'm on medication. Perhaps I took a turn for the crazier and need some "alone" time before I go COMPLETELY off the deep end.

It's not entirely a lie, either.

Or, you could just simply tell those beyotches the truth. Shiraz-through-nose-inducing woman won't have a problem, but the other one might. But, honestly, WHO CARES?

Plus, you lie about as well as I play a skinny woman. Which ain't well, I hate to say.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Island Girl said...

hmmm- that sucks. :( Wish I had a good one for you.
Can you start to come down with the flu this afternoon?

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Michele said...

I am not a good liar so I just blast them with the truth, stay firm, and offer an alternative.

"I cant make it tonight. I am swamped and I wont enjoy myself for a minute. Lets get together on the ___, when I am back from vacation."

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Louise said...

"Can't come, I am selflessly donating my bone-marrow in the morning and in preparation cannot consume food, wine, or the conversation of mind-numbingly dull beyotches (Shiraz Shooter exempt)"
Should work a treat!


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