March 31, 2008

On The Wrong Side Of 30

Today, March 31st, is my official Birthday. Though you would not have known this fact if you were at my house yesterday with all of the merriment and presents and visitors and such. There was cake AND pastries, these people had everything, EVERYTHING I tell you! I was so spoiled with gifts! My kids made wonderful drawings and helped make my cake. I got 2 beautiful shirts (they returned the first two) and The Biggest Looooser Cookbook. I also got a gift card to Victoria Secret from my work gals. And my Mom bought me a Mighty Mouse (wireless mouse) - SCORE! My lurvly sista is in Canada and I'll see her when she returns, and I'm sure she'll have something fabulous as well!

I am so very lucky! A little old, but hey, what can you do about that? I am 36, the official start of the Wrong Side of 30. Ouch. Where did that time go? I feel like I was just 22, then married at 24, first baby at 26.....just doesn't seem that long ago.

Well enough feeling old, I'm off to start my two new grad classes. After these two I will have 9 classes left. I guess that makes these the half way point. I started this Master's program in October of '06. See what I mean, all that time gone already like that *snaps fingers*. I always remember people saying time flew by, but it never seemed to for me until recently. Is it the older you are, the faster it goes? I would like to state for the record, that I no longer would like to fly through life, but rather sit back and enjoy it. Who do I talk to about this??


At 7:50 AM, Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Happy Birthday! I don't even want to hear you squawk about the wrong side of 30... I'm approaching the wrong side of 40!

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Michele said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!!

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

I turned 38 last month, so I feel ya.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Not a Granny said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sheesh, wrong side of 30. I'm quickly approaching the positive side of 50!!

It's only a number.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger lmm1969 said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! This year I turn 39 (July) I am having a panic attack as I just wrote that. It just goes faster and faster each year!

Happy Birthday!

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

Happy Birthday!!

I know what you're geeeeeetting

At 8:44 PM, Anonymous sherry said...

Happy birthday, my sweet sister. I hope you had a most fabulous day. Smooshes and I miss you tons!


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