March 21, 2008

In Honor Of Easter

And by Easter, I mean the complete commercialization of it, not the resurrection of Christ (forgive me Jesus, Amen).

I give you Peeps.

My daughter is a Peep-aholic and there are so many fun things people do with Peeps, I am just amazed. Because, let's face it, Peeps are fun.

There are many kinds of Peeps. But, the real story is what people DO with the Peeps.

I give you some of my favs...

Peep Mile- OMG Fucking hilarious. Even Slim Shady would think this is funny!

Peeple Magazine. RIP Anna.

Friday The Peepteenth

Bad Ass Peep, as seen on the Peep Experiment site.

My Absolute Favorite...


Happy Easter!


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Love the Peep Show. Too funny.


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