September 06, 2007

Update: To All New Year Starts

The kids had wonderful first days of school. They both loved their teachers and fun was had by all. And yes, there was an abundant amount of chocolate chip cookies waiting for them when the arrived off the bus. And I'm not saying that I didn't eat 12 or so of them BEFORE they got home. (I would send you some Melody - but hell - they were gone the first night!) This has become a tradition in our house of me making cookies for their first day of school ever since Lil Man began school. They love it and I love that they love it. To them it shows them how much I love and missed them, to me - it's a few hours in the kitchen WITH NO FREAKIN KIDS AFTER A VERY FREAKING LONG SUMMER - Hurray Me!! Is that wrong? No, I didn't think so. Other moms understand.

My Ad Design class that I teach has not gotten off to an auspicious start. They arrived last night with what was supposed to be there Rough Drafts as a Personal Identity page. (Read - a layout all about them.) They were not what I had expected in the way of content, execution or finish and certainly did not in any way meet the criteria of the first handed in assignment for a COLLEGE class in the major that they have chosen for their CAREER. They came unprepared, without materials to work - how, I ask you, do you do that?? As the night wore on, I also learned that the majority of them do not even know how to use the computer programs in which they are supposed to be designing. I spent most of the 3.5 hours teaching them Photoshop instead of Advertising Design. It is going to be a long semester. Let's hope for the Dark Horse.

My graduate class is kicking my ass and I can't wait for the next 3 weeks to fly by so I can be done. I'm tired of the work. I'm tired of the people and their shitty attitudes. It's draining to be around. I actually had a piece of mine critiqued and a certain gentlemen commented that my color choice "sucked". Sucked????? A) Who the fuck do you think you are with your shitty fucking layouts??? B) Do you have an ounce of professional decorum? No. C) Great way to get others to open in class. D) HE IS AN INSTRUCTOR TO OTHER COLLEGE KIDS. Yes. He's lucky I know how to hold my tongue. And that I didn't have my box cutter. I kid.

The kids have started soccer and will have their first game over the weekend. Karate continues to be the bane of my existence, but they will test to move up in rank in a few weeks. If this instructor tells me one more time that I need to do any of the following, sew my sons uniform (she wants me to shorten the sleeves - which he is just going to outgrow in - ya know 10 minutes - so no.), buy him new sparring gear, conveniently right after they told us that if we took the summer off like we had planned, our rates would go up $10 more per kid per month - only to have them raised after the summer even though we did what they asked because hey, their bills were higher, bring him to more classes - I am going to see if that black belt she wears is all for show.

That's all for now - sorry for the lack of posting - I have lots to tell you all - I'm getting there......


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous sherry said...

So glad the kids had a great first day of school, and yes, those cookies were fabulous!!! I think we need to make our visit to your house on the first day of school a yearly ritual, if for nothing else but the cookies!

Someone told you your work "sucked"? I had a similar event happen in my class last year. I politely told the guy to kiss my big, fat, round, white ass, and that if he can't play nice, don't play at all. It didn't change his tune much, but he did apologize and never effed with me again.

Here's to rooting for the Dark Horse!!!!


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