July 03, 2006

Techno Junkie

And not the dance crap - PALLLLEASE. You all know my freak flag flies high for the bad boys of Hard Rock preferably of the 80's genre. If only I could show you my Ipod Photo - all 60 gigs of space just SCREAMING for some leather clad, hair spray teased, lipstick wearing man with a guitar. Ahem. But I digress. Besides the obvious, I think I may have a problem. I am, well addicted to all things techie. New equipment. I. NEED. It.

I have in my possession the following:

(These are work things - so I can justify the writeoffs - but still...)
19" LCD flat screen monitor
G5 Mac computer with DVD writer
External 60 gig hard drive
External 250 gig hard drive
External CD writer (in addition to the DVD writer simply because I had it first...)
External Portable 60 gig hard drive for my laptop
Power Mac laptop (Its crappy and old - but works by the pool)
1 Gig Jump Drive
8.5 x 11 Epson printer
11 x 17 Epson printer
fax machine
Wacom tablet (that I hardly use)
Sony T-1 Cybershot 5 megapixel camera - I LOVE this camera
60 gig Ipod (I mentioned like 10 times)

Have your eyes glazed over yet??

and I had a Blackberry (to get emails out of the office but reply like I WAS in the office) - but I traded it in - for THIS...

The NEW Cingular 8125. OMG the awesomeness of this phone/camera/love-of-my-life (next to my ipod of course). And of course, I had to get the bluetooth headset. Now I can look like her...

Lieutenant Ohura always had that weird earpiece in. She was ahead of her time no? Now everyone walks around with these weird earrings in. (And they say the 80's were decadent?!)

I realize that this makes me an Equipment Whore - but quite frankly - I'm ok with that. My kids won't have to show me how to program the VCR, if you know what I mean. And when they are IMing - at least I'll know where on the internet to go to translate their weird short-hand. LOL. (It's all I know.) So until them, I am off to go sit outside with the kids, with my new friend the 8125 and watch them try to hock some Kool-Aid at their stand. (I'll post pics on Wednesday.)

Have a great 4th.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Heather said...

That thing is too cool. I always wanted a Blackberry. But that looks AWESOME. I could lose some shit in there for sure.

Sounds like we have some music in common...80s...although genre might be a tad different. (I put the first 15 songs from my ipod in my post today.) Don't hate me b/c I'm a dork. LOL. I may have to come to you once my kids start with the crazy teenage short hand.

Hope your kids make enough selling the koolaid to put them thru college. Ha! Have a fun 4th.

At 10:26 PM, Blogger JayMonster said...

I was soooo angry at Verizon when that new PDA phone came out, I had purchased my Audiovox VX6600 (the predecessor to yours) just 15 days prior (and 1 day after I could return it "no questions asked").

I just wish the PockPC phones had the "instant" e-mail of the Blackberry, and then they would be perfect. But I can deal with the 10 minute lag.

I like your Star Trek refernece for the Bluetooth much better than the "Borg" reference people around here give me about my Bluetooth headset. Not that I really care since I am such a clutz that the old wired sets were far more trouble for me than they were worth.

You could of course use your phone for your music now as well... if you didn't have that stupid proprietary DRM that iTunes uses.


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