April 09, 2007

Have Yourself Some EggSalad and Some Lactaid

Sorry for the late post - my kids were on vacation this past week (I'm sure all of your kids are off this week) and well, it was kinda hectic.

I hope you all ate as much good food for the holiday as I did. I TOTALLY over did the dairy (recently discovered I am Lactose Intolerant - a trait many in my family share - that's just TMI, I'm sure) and paid the price - but hell, it was worth it! Fun was had by all! He visited each of DH's Zias (aunts in Italian) and brought flowers and drank espresso - chitchatted a few and off to the next stop. The kids were kissed and pinched and then the Zias shove money in the hands. I have seen my kids have no less than 40-50 bucks by the end of the visiting.

After that, we headed to my in-laws for lasagna, antipasto, fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, artichokes, braciole, lamb (which the smell GAGS me), and more I'm sure I can't remember. We had an Easter Egg hunt (indoors since it was SO COLD) and gifts abound. The kids had a wonderful time with Nonna and Nonno and the rest of the family.

Next stop was my parents - to see my lovely sister, BIL and the twins. Another round of eating - ham, pasta salad, coleslaw, pie - OMG I almost died right then - seriously, exploded from the inner core. Presents again - everyone was so very thoughtful. The kids loved their haul! We had some nice chitchat and off to our house for some much needed rest - AFTER I put all that stuff away - which includes 6 chocolate bunnies, 5 chocolate Italian eggs with prizes inside, and a million other pieces of candy.

Lovely, lovely day.

In other news - I got rid of Big Ugly Blue Betty!! That's right, I no longer own that thorn in my side Minivan.

I am the proud owner of this...

Hot, isn't she?


At 10:06 AM, Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Sounds like you all got great goodies in your easter baskets!!
The car - she is hot...

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I think someone was very nice to the easter bunny...SWEET SUV!


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