May 25, 2007

He's A Grand Ole Flag

Really busy here right now - so I give you Lil Man as a full fledge Honor Guard in the 1st Grade Memorial Day Parade. How cute IS he?

Have a wonderful weekend! Be Safe!

May 16, 2007

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Sorry to be away so long - it seems like EVERYTHING and NOTHING has been going on at the same time.

Last week my husband went away to Chicago on business and I was left to hold down the fort. Here's a few things I learned....

1. After 11 years of marriage and never spending a night apart - it is REALLY hard to sleep.
2. There is nothing on TV at 3 am.
3. I never want to be a single parent - I cannot believe how hard it is all by yourself.
4. If I were, I would never cook another real meal again. (We ate crap all week)
5. It is lonely with no one to talk to.
6. If I ever am a single parent - I am getting me a WIFE - you know, someone to cook, clean, take care of the kids so I can take a minute to reprieve.
7. Having 3 projects due for school on the week your husband is away really SUCKS.
8. I need to stop making fun and calling him Saftey Man because he checks all the doors and windows - because I obsessively did it every night.
9. Mapquest really can help you. DH was so lost driving from the airport to the hotel - I was able to get him there using mapquest AND I kinda felt WITH him being able to name the streets.
10. I really do not want him to travel again.

The weekend brought a Communion and Mother's Day - all very wonderful! I was spoiled with gifts and cards and plants the kids had made at school. I worked out in the yard - weeded all the beds, took out my statues and spray painted them back to new form, put the deck furniture back on the deck and overall enjoyed crossing off a bunch of things off my list.

We open the pool next week and are putting in a solar heater. Cross your fingers this helps out.

I need to buy some flowers and get those planted - hopefully this weekend.

And why do I feel so OLD this week? I have been trying to spruce myself up - got a little color being outside (actually I burned like a lobster - but NOW it looks like a little color). I even started whitening my teeth with the trays from the dentist. My teeth are super sensitive right now and I am hoping it is all worth it in the end when I can use my 100 watt smile to flag down a rescue ship if I am ever shipwrecked.

I really need to start working out again - I feel like crap.
What do you guys do to feel younger? Better about yourselves?