March 02, 2007

Quick Build An Ark!!!

It is raining really hard and fast here this morning. So much so, that at any moment I am expecting actually cats and dogs to fall from the sky. And the lights keep flickering.... Creepy.

I have to drive to the college to teach my day class today in this - so, say a quick prayer for me.

I have to make DH a birthday cake today - as his birthday is tomorrow. I bought him some much needed clothes and a delicious scent - Dolce and Gabbana cologne. Ladies, go smell this stuff - SO GOOD. I smelled it on a gay friend of mine and he smelled heavenly. I got a thing about a nice smelling guy............

So, have a nice weekend one and all. I am working on a MEME that I was tagged for weeks ago - 6 Weird Things About Me - maybe you all can help.....

What do you know about me that's weird??


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