March 22, 2007

How Bad Is It...

When the phone rings at 7:30 AM and its the credit card company to inform you that they believe there was some fraudulent activity - because HOLY SHIT there was A LOT of activity on that particular card yesterday and they wanted to let me know.

"Okay - tell me what was on there...:

"Well ma'am - there was a gas purchase at 4:00"

Silence. "OK - well - that was my husband - go ahead....."

"Oh...ok - and then there were three purchases at the Mall."

I think he's pulling my chain - cuz when I go to the mall - there are ALWAYS at least three purchases. "Uh huh."

"One was from Sears for $104.32."

Miss Thing has promptly outgrown ALL on her jeans. Sears = 3 pairs of Levi jeans for her + her Easter Outfit = $104.32


He's fumbling - I think because they expected me to be flipping out at this point. "Next is a purchase at Burlington for $42.00."

Burlington = Communion outfit for Miss Thing for 2 communions we have to attend + Easter Outfit for Lil Man = $42.00

"Yep." I am slightly amused at all of this because I really didn't think $150 bucks was worth them calling. AND I had gone to OfficeMax to get stuff for Miss Thing's Science Project as well as Michael's and paid cash - what would they have said if THOSE were on there??

He's really kinda let down now..."And last is a purchase at Target for $332.00"

Target = "Easter candy and basket fillers for my kids (which included Disney Mini Digital Cameras), Easter stuff for my Niece and Nephew, 2 shirts for Hubby, PJS and shirts for both kids, paper towels, paper plates (we are SO high class), Static Guard and Birthday presents for Father In Law. I say I did ok.

"Yep. Mine too."

"Well, ok." He is clearly disappointed.


How SAD is it when I am trying to make the Fraud Department at my Credit Card Company FEEL BETTER because I actually spent the money they were questioning.

Maybe I should have told him I would be late on the payment ON PURPOSE so that I would have to pay the late fee...


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My credit card company only calls on the days that I DON'T have that much activity!

7:30 in the morning???!!!!!

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Violet said...

The citibank fraud people called me the other week, too. There were five purchases in four different states all on the same day and they were concerned. Somehow, our card number really was stolen but if you're going to steal a credit card would you use it to buy two copies of family tree software and spend a dollar on something from yahoo? Seems like such a waste.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger VTek said...

I was also called before when I used my card at a gas station in Boston. I was pissed that they made me worry for nothing!

At 9:12 AM, Blogger melodyann said...

My credit card company called me at work to check on a balance transfer. I thought I was talking to a spy:

"Ma'am, I'm calling to check on a transfer to your account that may have been fraudulent", he all-but-whispered in my ear.

I found myself whispering back, "Oh, Dear, what sort of transfer?"

"It was an EDUCATION loan that was transferred." He made education sound like a dirty word.

I said, "I know it seems as if "I" would certainly have nothing to do with EDUCATION, being the IDIOT that I am, however, I DO have a kid in college and I DID transfer her student loan to my credit card."

I should have told him that I did it because you can't file bankruptcy against a student loan, but you can a credit card balance, the poo-head. hahahahaha


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