December 04, 2006


I am sitting atop my mountain of lists that I am concurrently working like an old lady at BINGO. Can someone give me a FREE space??? The lists that I currently have running...

1. Daily To Do List - usually consists of sticky notes and a desk calendar. So far today, I have made an RSVP to 2 parties and asked for my money back from an activity that did not fit into Miss Thing's schedule. Also on the list is a call to the accountant and a call to my SIL to see what in the world to get her kids.

2. Christmas Gift Lists - This consists of what the kids want, what I've bought - on-line and traditional push-the-cart style as well as lists for each member of family/friends/etc. Also have a list of "I have no ideas for" - at the moment.

3. Christmas Card to do List - must update my database of addresses - yes I am one of those that does not hand address cards AT ALL. NO personal note - nothing - be glad ya got one. I pick up cards on Friday and have to go get stamps - ahaaaaaaaa.

4. Weekly Planning/To Do List - includes bigger jobs - i.e. billing for the business, homework, etc. Take the guinea pig to get nails clipped, pickup dry cleaning and pictures from CVS.

5. Grocery List - Stop & Shop, as well as, BJs lists

6. List of Christmas Decorating to do's - Tree is up and decorated - check, outside lists good EXCEPT for pillars - which was my job - still not done, must get stocking and a few more decorations out of the attic.

7. Christmas Cookies - have not even looked this far yet and usually I'm mid-way through cooking at this point. Not to mention HAVE NOT bought any items for baking.

I will try to put POSTING MORE OFTEN on the weekly list. Hope you all are well. Carry on.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger VTek said...

And I thought I was big on lists - Thumbs up for organization!

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Who has time to hand address xmas cards this year? I don't understand the people that find time to not only address them but MAKE their own cards. Thank god for Avery labels and Costo photocards!

At 10:41 AM, Blogger JayMonster said...

And now with this entry you officially have a "list of Lists" :)

So essentially what you are trying to say is that you are not to busy these days? LOL.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How appropriate, a list of your lists!

Sorry to hear the kids are sick. I am sure that was definitely NOT on the list.

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this business of which you speak? It seems to drive you crazy.
Thanks for being there for me. I need you address.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger MrsEvilGenius said...

Your organizational skillz frighten me.

I love you, but you frighten me.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

who said anything about lists? We just wing the shit out of it at my house. lol

How utterly organized you are! I'm envious.


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