August 24, 2009

My Life Is Defined In Weeks

Since the beginning of the summer, I have lived in increments of weeks. I had begun the last chapter of my graduate school classes. I had 11 weeks until i was all over. Considering that I had spent the last three TEARS of my life trying to juggle my full-time job of running the design business, my part-time teaching at the Art College, running the kids from one activity to the next, keeping the household together, meals AND GRADUATE SCHOOL - I felt that 11 weeks was totally doable.

Never had I wished away a summer as I have this one. I know that is sad and you are never supposed to wish away any part of your life, but I did. September could not come soon enough. Yes, we did vacation in VA. Yes, the kids did summer camp and splashed in the pool. Yes, we ate way too many hotdogs off the grill. But. In the back of my head was a constant ticking off of the days until another week was over.

This week I begin Week 7 of 11. I have much to do to be finished, but I am feeling that there isn't a thing that can stop me now. In two weeks I will present my visual portion of the thesis and prepare my defense of my thesis. I have another 2 weeks to design, print and bind my 100 page written thesis in triplicate and send it to the school.

Next week the kids go back to school. I am glad. They need to get back and I need to concentrate. I have done all the clothes shopping. We have all the school supplies and backpacks organized. All the summer reading and math is done. I even tore their rooms apart and organized them this weekend.

September will be a fresh start for us all. Wishing you all a clean, fresh start to a new year!