June 30, 2006

Friday Randomness

(First of all, all of your toothbrush stories absolutely KILLED me - how funny IS that. And, well...GROSS.)

Since its FINALLY Friday (I struggled through this week) I only feel it fitting to end it as scattered as the week felt.

1. I may, or may not be taking Miss Thing to the dr.'s today as she has been sporting a low-grade fever and slight sore throat since Sunday. I'm holding off because we have the WORST insurance on earth right now (waiting for DH to be hired permanently) and it will cost be upwards of $200 for him to tell me she has a cold. I can SO feel the Mother Of The Year Award coming my way!!!!

2. I had my virgin voyage to IKEA yesterday, along with my sister and the 4 kids. I did purchase a few things, including a lovely organizer for my office. One question, can they POSSIBLY be bigger or have more stuff at ridiculously cheap prices? WOW.

3. My office is clean for the first time in about 6 months. THIS is the double-edged sword though, its clean because I have not been really busy. NOW, I can SEE I haven't been busy, ya see? Thanks IKEA.

4. I have had no milk or eggs in my house for the last 3 days. WTF?? (Mother of the Year...)

5. I need to buy all the ingredients for the appetizers I am to bring to the annual DH's Side of the Family July 4th Picnic. (Maybe I'll remember the milk and eggs...)

6. And lastly, here's my bracelet....

What is everyone's plans for the 4th??


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The baby dance....
Seriously, who really knows? Hubby is on a fire now, and if he gets released, we'll go to the lake. If not, I'm taking my dog and a cooler and heading to my dad's. He lives on the river (no, he's not a river pirate) and it would be nice to fish and swim. Or, get drunk.
Are you making deviled eggs??!!

At 12:09 PM, Blogger VTek said...

My desk is messy and out-of-control right now, and it's bugging me! I have to buckle down and organize it. Your bracelet is pretty!

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

1. $200 - holy crap. I'd wait too!

2. I've only breezed thru an IKEA once when I was visiting my in-laws. Wish it was closer...

3. Can you come clean my office now??

4. I hardly ever have eggs. Hmmm...

5. I need to buy stuff for the birthday fiesta being held at our house on Monday. I wish I had grocery delivery where I live. I envy Julia (HBH).

6. Pretty bracelet!!!

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Louise said...

4th July plans:
Being an Australian and living in China, I dare say my day will go something like this-
-wake up as usual
-down a few coffees
-carry on with my work day
-somewhere in the middle of the day as I write the date think: "4th of July... hmmmm... haven't I heard SOMEthing about this day in several, nay hundreds, of Hollywood movies??"
-Again carry on with my day.

Happy 4th of July for the rest of you!


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