February 20, 2006

Could Ya JUST

I spent part of my weekend perusing the local mall with my 8-year old daughter A (or Miss Thing as I lovingly refer to her). Miss Thing had just turned 8, and in fact, had a bunch of Gift Cards burning a hole in her Limited Too jeans. So, off we were in search of just the perfect items.

Limited Too, for anyone who has a little Drama Queen is the Vatican for Primadonnas. It has all the latest clothes, jewelry, shoes and padded bras a little Diva could want. And Miss Thing LOVES this store. Auntie Horkin bought a stunning outfit for her birthday which she has worn every other day since getting it - and well she had to have MORE!!

We were sweetly greeted by a girl wearing pigtails and a backpack with tags (advertising at its best people) and told us she was so happy we were here. Miss thing - smile so bright ya gotta wear shades. Me - I think the whole outfit borders on child porn - but maybe I'm over sensitive. After all, she's at least 16 right? Sick - any way you look at it.

We mill around for over an hour - slipping in and out of the dressing room - trying on jeans and tops and what-not. We have even found a few bargains...something Miss Thing LIKES. She does not want to spend all of HER gift card money. If Mom were paying well, put it all on the counter.

Up until this point nothing has really screamed to her "Take me home!" UNTIL.SHE.SEES.IT.


This pink hat makes her squeal. She timidly asks, "Can I try it on?" I laugh. "Of course."

Goes to the mirror, turns with a smile. The hat is ours. She even asks the lady to take off the tags so she can wear it out of the mall. I laugh again. It DOES look cute on her.

She wore it through the mall, on the ride home, all through dinner and even after she got her pjs on. I sweetly kiss her goodnight. We had a nice time together - something that so rarely happens between us these days. Feeling very smug with myself for letting her buy such a hat. Such. A. Cool. Hat.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Since Saturday night after I told she HAD to take it off to go to bed, she has decided she no longer LIKES said hat and it sits with all the rest of the CRAP in her room. Fucking girls...fucking hormones at EIGHT!!!!! I'm just sayin.)


At 9:06 AM, Blogger sherry said...

Every other day? REALLY? Wow.

And, wouldn't you JUST know that the novelty would wear off sooner rather than later. Someone, other than you, has to comment on it...tell Miss Thing how amazing it looks to bring it back to the favorite pile again. Tell her she looks like a Bratz doll or something.

That'll get her.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Island Girl said...

lol-- I have an eight year old daughter. I know the feeling. Just this weekend there was a huge ordeal over a bracelet she wanted. This morning-- the thing sits on her desk-along with all her other "I MUST have it" items.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

My daughter will be 8 in a few months and she's already joined this secret club of LADOMI's (Lets All Drive Our Moms Insane). They hold a membership until they realize that mom's are human or they become one themselves.

The hat is cute.


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