February 17, 2006

Virgin Blog

Though my sister has been telling me I should do this for sometime now - I never quite thought it was something for me. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. That meaning a blog. A place of my own to tell you my stories and well shit - you have to listen or um...actually read I guess. Or not. Either way. You choose.

Let me start by saying - It ain't always gonna be pretty. I have a mouth like a trucker. I don't mince words. And I don't lie/sugar coat/give off warm and fuzzies, etc - ehhhhhhhhhk. Nope. Nada. None of those.

Still here? Well, aren't you brave and what-not.

Buckle up - saddle in and away we goooooooooo.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger sherry said...

Well, in the name of all that is snarky and shit, THANKS GOD you finally decided to share your loveliness, and many f-bombs, with the world.


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