November 06, 2008

Weigh In - Week 42

Here's the official weigh-in Weight Loss for Week 42....


Official weight loss Grand Total is 53 lbs in 42 weeks.

Now 7 more to go!

As I am squeaking along, I am just not sure if I am going to hit that 60 pound mark by the end of the year. Originally I had hoped to lose that by July. What a crazy motherfucker I was, huh? Instead of beating myself up for what I cannot change, I simply moved the timeline out to a more appropriate place. It's not like I have not continued modifying my diet and exercising regularly. I think some people's bodies tend to lose weight as the body sees fit and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Considering it continues to fall off in dribs and drabs regardless of how many days I workout, I actually am viewing that as a good thing. It means I am closer to the weight I should be and harder to lose. I am nearing the seemingly unattainable normal range in BMI, who wouldathunk?

I have decided that at the beginning of the new year I will post what my starting and ending weight was here on my site. I may even get brave enough to show pics. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is HUGE to me. My own husband of 12 years has no idea what I weigh and never has. I think it will be my New Year's Resolution instead of being the annual "I'll Lose Weight THIS Year" pledge. I'll just come clean and there it is.

A Few More Perks To Losing Weight (and well worth the work. I sometimes have to keep reminding myself when there are 400 pieces of chocolatey goodness in the house from Halloween)

• Buying a new and updated wardrobe in a size I haven't been in 10 years.

• Playing DodgeBall with the kids for 3 hours instead of watching from the sidelines so as not to embarass myself or the kids.

• People give you tons of compliments and I must admit, it really feeds the ego and builds back up the self-esteem.

• No matter what happens in my life, I can be proud of that accomplishment.

• My reflexes are better than they have ever been. I find myself catching fallen items that previously I would have attempted a stab at only to fail miserably. This is very important to a known clutz like me.

• I have the energy and drive of a 20 year old. Seriously, I almost never run out of gas, no matter WHAT I am (or have been) doing. Last year at this time, I would have dreaded walking ALL THE WAY to the mailbox.

53 pounds. It's hard to imagine a time when I thought I would never, ever in a million years get here. Since I have been shaking up my exercise, I have seen some great results. The Zumba and Aerobics classes are fun and huge calorie burners. Anyone have any other advice of things they have done to spice up mundane workouts?? Anything to make the hour go by faster, right?